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DH & I have decided to have another baby...

We already have three an 11yr., 10yr, 18 mos. old. (two girls and a boy).  I turned 30 this past september, and I personally don't want to experience having another child in my mid 30's neither does DH. So we decided to start trying to have another baby so that our 18 month old will have a playmate.

Our 11 and 10yr. old are from my previous relationship, and DH & I only have one biological child together.  So we would like to have another child together.  I guess I'm just wondering how would it be having four kids around the house.  


Re: DH & I have decided to have another baby...

  • Really good friends of ours have 4 kids and I swear they would have more if they could.  They make it look soooo easy.  And they are all close in age too.

    I think that at your oldest ages (10 and 11) they are pretty self sufficient, as in, they can get themselves up, put themselves to bed, feed themselves, etc so right there you are ok.

    I think if you already have 3, one more really won't bring the house down.  I think as long as you and your husband are on board, stable enough and emotionally invested, you are good to go!  Good luck!


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  • I come from a large family ( oldest of 7) and my advice to give each one special attention and time.  One thing my dad did was take turns taking one of us out on friday nights or saturday mornings.  It wasn't anything big just a meal or a movie.  My mom was also very involved in our schooling and always made games, concerts, fairs a priority. 

    My other advice would be to make the kids ( all of them when ready) do chores.  Not in a way that would put a lot of burden on the older kids, but just give them weekly chores to help with the household.  Teach them  to be self sufficient as early as possible. 

  • My mom always said it's nice to have an even number of children so nobody gets odd-balled out. =)
  • Congratulations!

     I don't have any advise to give as I don't have any children, however, I am #2 of 4 children, and I'd say go for it, a quad-pack is awesome!

    Good luck to you, the hubby and the gang!

  • I am # 1 of 4. If you can afford it, I don't see any major issues with it.

    I am 9 years older than my youngest sibling. I've found that I'm not as close to him because he's at such different life stages than me and we haven't lived in the same household for 10 years.

    But I remain hopeful that once he becomes an independent adult he will make more of an effort at reciprocating a relationship. You know how it is - when you're young, your grandparents are always calling you. But when you grow up you realize, it's because they are trying to stay in touch! So I've been used to sending birthday presents and not receiving any in return for a while LOL.

    Your 4th child will likely be very close to your 18 mo old, while your 10 year old will probably be closer to your 11 year old. Nothing's guaranteed; it's just likely to be that way.  So your spacing is kind of nice in a way!

  • Did you get your marital/financial problems straightened out?  If not, adding another child to your family is a terrible idea.
  • wow! you have a great memory :-)

    Yeah we worked things out, and things are going great.  We both have matured alot since then....

  • I'm the youngest of five girls (and a younger twin). My oldest sister is 8 years older than me and now that we're all adults it's fabulous. (There were some rough teen years in there for one of my sisters that impacted all of us majorly.)

    I second each kid getting individual attention. My dad would alternate weekends and take each of us to breakfast one on one. I always chose McDonalds which is so gross to me as an adult. And they were always there for choir/band/sports stuff. Always. We also had a weekly family night. I have great memories from those.


  • I have four and it is the best thing to ever happen to me.  If you have the patience and the means- go for it!!!
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