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anyone download audiobooks from local library website?

my mom is looking for books to take on her drive to FL and back and so we got her an ipod touch for xmas b/c her car has a mp3 player thingee. I found out the local library does some audiobook downloading online and showed her the link but she said when she signed up for one it said she has it for 21 days.

I don't get it- if you download it into itunes or whatever, what the heck is going to happen to it after 21 days? Do they mean it'll be housed on their server for 21 days & then you can't access it again (unless you just check it out again, so that seems a little weird)???

Any clarification would be great! 

Re: anyone download audiobooks from local library website?

  • That's correct.  It's just like a library book or audio CD-you are checking it out for 21 and it will be "returned" after 3 weeks.  She won't have to do anything, it just disappears on its' own.
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  • It will be removed from whatever program it's downloaded to (my library uses Overdrive) but it will not be removed from her iPod.
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  • If it's on Overdrive, after the 21 days you're supposed to delete it yourself...but it won't disappear by itself.  I listen to audiobooks on my ipod ALL THE TIME.  It's pretty awesome since I drive a little over an hour to get to work.
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  • but will it disappear from her ipod?

    eta- oops sorry, wrote that before seeing hte other posts.

    ok, so it isn't like she is going to listen to it a million times anyway but good to know it won't disappear from the ipod cuz i advised her to download a bunch since i know sometimes I think i'll like an audiobook & end up not liking it at all or not liking the way the reader reads, etc.


  • It will delete from Overdrive but not her iPod.  I sometimes go over my lending period for having the books on my iPod because if I have been on hold for a million years for a book but can't get to it before it is returned then at least I still have it for when I can get to it. 
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