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Hey, Lauren :) Link Inside To My ABOSAA Discussion *spoilers*

Re: Hey, Lauren :) Link Inside To My ABOSAA Discussion *spoilers*

  • Bummer!  This one was one of my favorites, though I don't necessarily disagree with any of your comments.  I just really adore DG's writing, and never seem to notice when things take a long time to develop I guess.  I loved how the relationships evolved in this one, and it has a special place in my heart because Young Ian became a man and I fell deeply in love with him Smile

    Eli is right... if you felt this way about this book, Echo will drive you crazy - especially since there's nowhere to go at the end.  I still loved Echo though - hope you are enjoying it!

    52 Books in 2014??


    My sweet babies:

  • you know what?  i just realized, it wasn't the dragging out of the stories that bothered me (eli is right, that is diana's style and i like that b/c it creates anticipation), it was the way she ended some of the stories - the gold situation, bonnett, and manfred...i thought the way those scenarios ended was kinda dumb.  they didn't live up to my expectations. 

    the story of the gold bored me at the end, i wish jamie/roger/or brianna had killed bonnett when jamie and roger rescued brianna from bonnett (actually, that whole brianna abduction was "eh" to me), and, while i'm glad manfred got to go home, i thought the way jamie and claire found him and his plan to bring his prostitute girlfriend home was silly. 

    oh well, overall, i still liked the book :)

    i agree with you, i love ian, and i enjoyed reading more about him.

    OMG, you're pregnant!!!  i just noticed your ticker :)  congrats!!!

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