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What do I need to do before using them? I know to wash them, but how many times? On hot? Wash and dry and repeat or juist was x # of times? TY! :)

Re: CDers

  • I think I washed mine 3-4 times before using them. I just used cold. In fact, we always wash our dipes on cold unless we are sanitizing (our washer heats water to sanitizing heat) them. The owner of the local cloth diaper store informed me that hot water heaters do not get water hot enough to kill more bacteria than a cold wash would. I don't know how valid that is but it seems to work for us.

    I just dried mine after all of the washings.

    From a website:

    Prepping New Diapers

    All new diapers need to be washed before use. Everything except new prefolds only needs to be washed once.

    Brand new prefolds will be flat and stiff, not soft and quilted as you might expect. Don't worry, they will soften up! Bleached prefolds need to be washed in hot and dried on high 2 times before use. Unbleached prefolds need to be washed and dried 4-5 times to remove the natural oils and waxes in the cotton.

    Hemp products can be used after one wash, but they will continue to become more absorbent through the first 8-10 washes. They also may shrink about 10%.

    NOTE: The first few times you wash hemp products or unbleached prefolds, you should not wash them together with microfleece products (like liners or pocket diapers). The natural oils in the hemp and cotton may stick to microfleece and cause it to repel moisture, which will cause leaks.

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  • Pocket dipes only need to be washed once before wear. I do one hot wash. You don't need to worry about extra rinses or anything since there isn't any poop or pee on them yet.

    I always hang the shells to dry to minimize the wear to the elastic, which is the part that gets worn out the quickest when you have them in the dryer. I dry all of the inserts and wipes in the dryer.

  • What Jennrs said. We washed 3-4 times then dried afterwards. I only wash on hot if we are stripping them.
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  • So is it ok to wash the liners with the outer shells (at first and in the future)? Is there a website that would answer the ?s I'm sure to have in the next week so I don't bother you all with them? :) PS- we have BGs, FBs, BBs, and R-a-R's if that matters.
  • What is "stripping"? I probably need to go do some reading. :-P.

    @Heather- are you still just using water for your wipes? What do you do when you travel? We bought cloth wipes (wash cloths) but I haven't worked out the logistics yet...
  • Yep, still just water.

    We have a small squirt bottle that we keep in the diaper bag to moisten the wipes when we need them on the go.

  • And yes, you can wash everything together.
  • Stripping diapers is only really needed maybe once a month to every few months. When they start to stink really bad after been only peed on, stink after they have been washed, diapers are leaking. First I would start with and extra rinse or two, if it still happens then it is time to strip them!

    Wash like normal, then add a few drops (1/2 teaspoon-1 teaspoon) of Blue Dawn dish detergent in on a warm cycle. After that is done, rinse a couple of time. Try and check during the spin cycle if there are suds still in there, if there is it will an extra rinse.

    Once in awhile I will add just a little bit of bleach in with the diapers.

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  • Sounds like everyone answered your questions! Ditto to all above! ;)
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