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Hardcore Low Carb - can I survive?

DBF & I are talking about doing an intensive no carb diet for a month.  Over the past 2 years he's lost about 80 pounds through low carb eating and working out.

I am terrified.

It would require so much planning, because I'd have to have a ton of food on hand to prevent me from falling off the wagon.  I doubt I'd be able to work out much (at least at first) and I've enjoyed getting back in to working out lately.  I'm pretty sure I'd be starving all. the. time.

I know I could lose a lot of weight this way but it would be reaaaally, really painful.

I guess I'm just looking for encouragement.  Am I nuts? 



Re: Hardcore Low Carb - can I survive?

  • I can't really back the NO carb, but I can get on board with the LOW carb.  I prefer the Protein Power Plan. It's written by real doctors.

    You get to start with 30 g of carbs a day and go from there.  AND you get to deduct the fiber from your count, so you can eat 50 g of carbs that has 20 g of fiber and still make the 30 g target.

    You aren't supposed to work out for the first week or two until your body adjusts.  Some people get slightly queasy the first week, but it passes.  By the end of week two, I feel so much better,

    The first month, it feels like all I do is eat, grocery shop, cook and do dishes. It really is more of a lifestyle change than just a month long crash deal.  It;s easier to follow now that I don't live in France (baguettes baked 2x daily...yeah) and that we are settled into one spot.


  • I also have a ton of recipes and a fav cook book I can share if you'd like.
  • I'm a personal trainer and very suggest this. I typically suggest tapering down and creating your life syle. What is the sense of doing something that you can't maintain for life. When I'm eating bad..holidays for example...I will quit sugar and processed foods for a while and then get back to normal. If you want any advice or support, let me know. I do commend you for taking these steps
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  • Sorry, not used to iPad. I meant do not suggest this lol
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  • Yes, you are nuts. These kinds of diets are bound to fail and you'll just put more weight back on. Just eat less and move more. It's very simple. Live by the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and don't worry about the other 20%.
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  • What's the point of losing a lot of weight if it's not sustainable? That's a lot of hard work to be so temporary.

    I'm against any diet that is so restrictive (unless for medical reasons and under the supervision of a doctor). It's not realistic, it's not sustainable, it's not healthy, and it doesn't allow your body to gain strength through workouts.

    Tailor your life to a healthy lifestyle - food, workouts, sleeping habits, and water intake are the foundation. Your body and your life will be healthy.

    I did a super low-carb diet for a program that taught us how to train for a figure competition. We had a good trainer who emphasised that such a diet was temporary. By the end of my nine weeks I was so burnt out that I wasn't even able to focus a whole day at work.  Yes, I looked good but I could honestly say it wasn't worth it. Had to make all my food, had to make it in advance, had to eat at least five times a day (no carbs, no sustainable energy, means eating more frequently), had a crazy long list of "can't have", and didn't even have any leftover time or energy to enjoy my friends or simply watch a tv show.

  • I wouldn?t do a hardcore low carb diet. Any weight you do take off, you will probably gain it again as soon as you begin eating carbs again. Carbs are really important part of our diet and to eliminate them will harm your body in the long run. I agree with the other poster who talked about the 80/20 diet. Make small changes. Dont try to do it all at once. If you drink soda, for example, I would start cutting that from my diet. I would try to incorporate a vegetable in every meal and have a piece of fruit as my snack.


    Good Luck.

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  • I would not do that at all. Your body needs carbs (maybe less than what you are used to eating, but it still needs them). I radically cut out most of my carbs before and suffered from severe headaches because of it.  I agree with the other comment about picking a diet that is sustainable. The best way to lose weight (and keep it off) is a healthy diet and exercise. The other stuff might cause more of the yo-yo dieting effect
  • Forgot to mention... My diet was so restrictive that the trainer made sure we were taking supplements. Multi-vitamin since we weren't eating a balanced diet, calcium since dairy was excluded, and fiber to help things keep moving. Seems eating lots of protein makes for not-soft bowel movements. Between the not-soft and the fiber supplements, I'll admit that there was a lot of gas.

  • What kind of low carb diets were you all on?!

    When I do the low carb living, I eat so much better than when I'm not on it. 

    Because all the "white" foods are cut out, I have to eat fruit and veggies and nuts and dairy in order to get enough carbs, protein and calories though the day.  There may seem to be a lot of restrictions, but honestly, 90% of the stuff you can't eat, I never ate in the first place and the other 10% I shouldn't have been eating anyway.

    I actually sleep better at night and have more energy. 

    FULL DISCLAIMER:  I may or may not have an undiagnosed blood sugar issue. When I eat low carb, my blood sugar is in the 70-90 range and I feel great.  When I'm NOT living low carb, a plate of pasta can send my blood sugar to over 200.

  • Like I said, it was a training program. Veggies, lean protein, beans, limited servings of heart healthy fats, limited servings of complex carbs, no sugar, no fruit, no alcohol, and no dairy for the last four weeks.

    Rita - guess we should ask what your version says is a "carb". Atkins, South Beach, etc all vary. Some diets even exclude veggie carbs.


  • No carb is a bad idea, low carb is not.  Check out South Beach Phase 1, but ONLY do it for 2 weeks. Good luck x
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  • You are nuts.  It's not doable for life.  Not at all.  And so you'd gain all that weight back as soon as you start eating like a normal person...which is necessary.  Don't do it if you want to actually lose weight for life.

    I've lost 20 lbs so far since August and am keeping it off even though I eat everything I want - it's more about portion size, decision making and exercising.  And I can eat this way for life and will. 

    As a female athletic coach, I'm so against giving up anything totally as it tends to lead to bad habits and up & down weight loss.  Plus there is so much out there that shows these types of diets either don't work or aren't healthy.  You need carbs, fat, etc to live in a healthy manner.

  • Thanks for the input.  I should have mentioned that I eat very few carbs already.  I don't remember the last time I ate pasta, and only eat bread when I must (burger, kebab, etc.).  I eat very little rice and, now that Christmas is done, no potatoes.

    I don't expect a no carb diet to be sustainable in the long run.  As someone mentioned, it's not something you can do for life.  But I am really low on carbs the way it is.  Kicking it down to none would drop weight (it's not a fad diet, it's science) which would be a good starting point for when I reintroduce carbs to the level that I'm currently at. 

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