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really stupid question concerning a zipper.

I got a piece of my scarf caught in the zipper of a brand new purse.  I can only zip the bag half way now.  If I try to pull really hard to the side, I'm afraid I'll rip it.  Any suggestions on how to get the material out so the bag is fully functioning?

Re: really stupid question concerning a zipper.

  • I just googled it but everything i found could damage the scarf or the purse.Sorry Im not more helpful!


    With any luck, it will be relatively simple to unstick a zipper after it gets caught. One of the best things to do first is to stop zipping as soon as it feels like something is getting stuck. Many times, the problem is that the inner lining of the garment has become caught in the zipper's teeth. If it is not too far in, simply tugging gently on the lining from the inside of the garment may be enough to dislodge it. In general, it is not a good idea to pull the zipper up or down, because doing either of those things could make the problem worse.

    Sometimes a stuck zipper is much more difficult to fix. For these situations, a variety of simple home remedies have been found to be quite helpful. One of the most common of these is to apply paraffin, bar soap or candle wax to the area that has become caught in the zipper. Gently rubbing the wax in and working the zipper tab back and forth is often enough to loosen the jammed fabric. It is usually best to apply the soap or wax with a cotton swab, to make sure it gets as close to the jammed fabric as possible.

    Another simple method for repairing a stuck zipper is to rub the writing end of a sharpened pencil on the teeth of the zipper where it is stuck. Doing this will apply a small amount of graphite to the area, which works as a natural lubricant to let the teeth of the zipper function more smoothly. If these methods do not work, it is sometimes beneficial to soak the garment in a solution of saltwater for a few hours before attempting to undo the jam. Failing that, a soak in vinegar or rust-removing cleaner may finally do the trick. Some find that soaking the garment in cola can loosen a stuck zipper, but this will probably not be a suitable option for more valuable articles of clothing.

  • have you tried to pull the scarf part out of the zipper while pulling on the zipper?
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  • the scarf is out - it's just now a piece of the scarf that is stuck.
  • image twopeasinapod:
    the scarf is out - it's just now a piece of the scarf that is stuck.

    Yay! and oh no! Did it make it out alive??

  • are you totally picturing me attached to my purse via a scarf :) 

    I meant that is the problem, not that I got myself out.  It's a wool scarf and I broke off a piece in the zipper so it's just the piece left messing up the zipper.


  • Ok so cut the piece of scarf as close to the zipper as possible and then gentley work whats left out with tweezers and jiggle the zip.
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  • I was thinking you wanted to rescue both the scarf and the bag. It would be funnier if you were attached to the scarf that was attached to the bag though!
  • OK the only other person in my office got it out with a sewing needle.  Thanks ladies!

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