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I saw what Oscar did to your bumbo chair on fb.    Does he usually do that stuff or was he trying to get attention?


Re: sarahlindsay

  • It was a completely isolated incident - I think the issue was that our friends came over briefly, one of whom played with Oscar, and then we left shortly thereafter without him.  We usually give him a treat when we leave, but forgot.  So combine the excitement of visitors with abruptly leaving and he had some, um, energy to get out.

    Funny, though - we had a ton of toys laying on a baby blanket in the living room, but he only went for the bumbo.

    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
  • I got rid of my bumbo when Hannah was around 6-7 months old.   She started arching her back and fell out of it onto our tile floor.  After that happened I never put it in her again.  

    Maybe Oscar was looking out for the baby? ;) 


  • lol - I will consider it his way of protecting her!  She can sit up for a long time on her own now anyway and has been eating meals in her high chair for a while, so the bumbo is kind of useless.  I remember when you posted about Hannah doing that, so scary!
    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
  • They are a pretty cool idea though and with K I used it much longer.  These two kids are very different and I'm going to have to baby proof like crazy.    After that happened to Hannah, I googled searched and saw that a lot of kids have fallen out of the chair.   Some on the floor and some on tables.

    How is work going?

  • Work is great, thanks for asking!  I am loving the part-time aspect.

    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
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