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Trip to the ER

Sooooo, i get a call yesterday, evidently Taryn stuck a piece of candy cane up her nose and my MIL couldn't get it out.  So off to the doctor we go, they end up having to send us to the ER. Okay, i figured they'd get some type of instrument to get it out . . .  well they tried that and almost got it out until Taryn starts screaming in pain. Huh, its just a little piece of candy, or not.  It was a flippin green and white paperclip! So we had to have xrays and surgery consult until the 3rd doc that came in wanted to try one more time and he got it out.  The lesson we learned, do not put paper clips in your nose, it will lead to an ER trip, possible surgery and being on an antibiotic for a week.
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Re: Trip to the ER

  • omg T, that's nuts. As if you needed more crazy stuff going on in your life. What is with kids sticking small things in their nose and ears? My cousin's son stuck rice in his ear. Not one little piece, about 4 or 5 pieces. He ended up having to get 2 surgeries to get the rice out and have his eardrum fixed. That's crazy about the paperclip though. I hope she feels better soon!
  • ugh.  well at least there was no surgery needed.  i am willing to bet that taryn was just being a good older sister and hiding the paperclip so little jocelyn couldn't get to it. 

    plus, i think that the peppermint from the candycane would burn a lot in your nose.  ouch. 

  • I stuck a bean up my nose when I was little.  Sneezed and it came out.

    I hit post too soon.

     Glad everything came out ok, and no sugery was needed.

  • Ouch -  Glad the doc was able to get it out!

    I stuck the pointy part of a carnation pink crayon up my nose when I was Taryn's age. 

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  • ouch! glad she is ok
  • oh that Taryn. I just love her to pieces. Glad to hear she is ok !


    When ANdrew was 3, he stuck a hair bead up is nose that he found at daycare. He had it in there all day and didnt tell anyone. When I picked him up and asked what he did that day, he said "well. i stuck a bead up my nose." I almost had a damn heart attack. it was my first nose incident. So I took him home and got a bobby pin and was able to scoop it out. Luckily it was a bead with the little hole in it and he could breathe out of it!!!

  • thank you, she's almost back to normal again! i really wish i would have taken a picture of the xray, it was a classic!
    image Ridin dirty
  • so glad she is okay! ::knock on wood:: i am shocked that I am yet to experience any kind of accident like this considering my two crazies

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  • so glad she is ok! kelly, your little girl will outdo the boys! lol
  • I'm glad she's ok!  These stories scare the crap out of me.  
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  • Oh no Tiana, poor girl!  Thank goodness she is ok, how scary!
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