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Shingle damage?

We apparently have some shingle damage from the last big windstorm. DH heard it's probably best to turn it into insurance and have the whole roof redone because it will be hard to get a good fit back on where we are missing some. Seriously, I think we are not really missing that many. Is this really what we should do? It seems a little drastic/extreme and also expensive because i'm sure we'll have to pay the deductible instead of buying a box of shingles and replacing a few.



Re: Shingle damage?

  • Didn't Teri have someone come out to work on her old house and they were awesome?  I think they didn't even charge her because the work was so minimal?  Sounds like the company I would call!  
  • I would get a couple opinions.   How old is your roof?  

  • If not done right then it could be trouble...there is a tar line on the back of a shingle, and that tar line will heat and bond almost it the shingle below it. The groves in the shingles are made to let the water run down your roof. If these are not lined up right then water can sit, and if the tar isn't sealed with the other the water could get behind it....if that makes sense at all.
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  • Are you getting water in or is it an aestetic thing?

    I would call (ditto I think Terri had  a good recommendation, I work commercial roofing otherwise I would recommend someone) a residential roofer and get an estimate before calling the insurance company.  It may be cheaper to just repair than paying a deductable.

    Also, don't re-roof until spring/summer- you will have more shingle issues because they need to "melt" or bond once installed and need the heat of the sun and air to do this.  Repairing should be okay.  Another thing if you re-roof is make sure they put a good felt down (30# felt is pretty standard) and ice and water shield at the eaves/valleys.

  • Are you planning on reselling anytime soon?  If so a new roof would be a good feature, esp compared to the standard HS roof. 

    You might call insurance, some companies will only pay for a portion of a new roof because the roof has depreciated for so many years, wasn't in perfect shape to begin with, ect.

  • DEFINITELY get some free estimates before calling your insurance company. When we had those big storms in 2008, we called insurance to come inspect our room. The damage was minimal so the repairs didn't reach our deductible. Even with a $0 payout, it goes on record as putting in a claim if they come out to inspect it. Only contact your insurance if your estimates come in over your deductible :)

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