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SLR Camera Recommendation

Does anyone have a SLR camera recommendation?  I have a sony digital camera but it takes so long to get a picture and with an 18 month old, I'm issing the moment to take the picture.

 Does anyone have any camera recommendations?

Re: SLR Camera Recommendation

  • The pros on our board shoot with Canon, Nikon, or Sony.  I (amateur) shoot with Canon because that's what I'm used to.  I think the argument for Nikon is that their lenses are better.  Head to Rockbrook Camera and pick them up.  See which one you like to hold better and ask lots of questions/see what kinds of package deals on the body/lens/bag/memory card, etc, are available.  I ultimately purchased mine at NFM because of a great financing deal, but I know if you buy at Rockbrook, you get a free class to help you figure the camera out.  I think someone also suggested a website where you can buy refurbished cameras for much less money...I can't remember the name of it right now, sorry =(

    Check out the Nikon D3000 and Canon T2i (or XS or anything in that same range.)

  • We just got the Canon T1i. I love it. It takes awesome pics and to do that is easy to figure out. I am sure there are many things I have yet to figure out with it but right now I just wanna take pics! We got it at NFM in a package deal, it came with 2 lenses.
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  • I just got the Nikon D3000 and really like it so far. There's so much that I need/want to learn on it though.
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