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Dyson question

I received a dyson for Christmas (yay, clean house!) but I'm having some issues.  We have a rug in our living room that has very thick carpet that has different height on it (it's kinda checkered, if that makes sense).  When I have it on the carpet setting and start vacuuming the rug, it sounds ok for a second and then makes a very loud noise like something is stuck in it.  I've looked at the belt and in all the places it says to check and there is nothing there.  It works just fine on the carpet in our bedrooms and on our wood floors.  Anyone have an idea as to what's going on? 

Re: Dyson question

  • It may be trying to wrap the carpeting around the belt, just turn the knob on the bottom to the other setting that is for hardfloors with out the rotating bristle, I do this for the shag style rug by the back door.  Works like a charm.  PS I've had my dyson for 6.5 years, still going strong!
  • I think it may be this-- when you turn the power on, and the handle is still upright, the beater bar isn't spinning.  When you lower the handle, as you're getting ready to use it, the bar starts to turn and it makes a different sound than when you started it originally. 

    Try it out standing still on another carpet, one that's even, and move the handle from upright to lowered, and see if it recreates the sound you're describing. 

    So the good news? If this is the case, nothing is wrong with it :)

  • Mine does this occasionally when it hits a snag in the carpet and tries to suck it up. Like PP said, if you turn the dial so that is on the hard floor setting then the beater bar will stop rotating and you will probably avoid that problem. I've had mine for 4 years and I love it...never had any problems. Remember to clean your filter at least every six months to keep your suction strong.
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