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Snow Vent!

Snow is pretty. Yet, it causes havoc. Take for instance, my little Honda Fit.

Rewind back to the obnoxious snow we had in Jersey last winter: I was driving to work after about 2 to 3 feet of snow had fallen. I am literally 5 minutes from work (on a 40 minute drive) and my car gets stuck. A nice man got out of his car to try and unstick my car, meanwhile damaging the undercarriage on the front of my car by trying to push it through way too much snow. It cracked some pieces and caused it to hang lower.

Fast forward to about a year later: It snowed again like crazy yesterday. I pulled in front of my house to back into my driveway. I thought all was well until I went out to look at my car this morning, deciding on if I wanted to go to my doctors appointment. The undercarriage part is now literally sitting on the ground. I guess the snow ripped the rest of it down yesterday.

Now I'm stuck home, waiting for my step dad to come over and rig my car up with zip ties so we can drive it to the dealership to have it fixed tomorrow. Luckily its a 70$ part and about $40 installation. So i am looking at about $120 worth of damage.. but still. Snow, go away. I hate when you break things.

Thanks for reading. LoL! 

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Re: Snow Vent!

  • Snow completely immobilizes me.  At least your fit can still move you around in it.  Go little car! yay

    I like small cars. 

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  • Don't you love your Fit?!?!?!?! I traded mine in and I'm really regretting it. Kind of made more sense for us to get a bigger car though (two horses/boxers). But oh yeah ... loved loved loved mine. I miss her. :-(

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • Ugh, that sucks about your car! At least its not insanely expensive to have fixed. 

    Its only on snow days that I wish I had an SUV or at least 4 wheel drive. Other than that, I love my Focus and her good gas mileage. We got about 6 inches of snow here and although the roads were pretty clear, I wasn't chancing it. A couple of years ago I was driving through 3 inches of snow and the damn back end of my car was sliding all over the place. I also had an impatient bastard in a huge truck right on my ass, but thats another story. :)

  • Snow is inconvenient at best. Not a fan.
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