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Dog peeps: Questions abt tug-a-jug & harnesses

1) Tug a jug
I finally got one for Laila. Something to keep her occupied. She's not getting it. She tries a little but hasn't quite figured out how to get the stuff out. She ends up gnawing on the end of it (by the air holes) and then gives up.I made the food really really small so it would fall out easily, but she still doesn't quite get how to do it. I think she'd love it if she got the hang of it (she loves her kong), but I need her to get the hang of it. Ideas?

2) Harness for walks
Do you use a harness? I had a scare the other day where a dog got off leash and decided to attack Laila (she was fine). But in my freaked out dog mom mode, I reacted quickly and accidentally (I feel awful!) picked her up by her collar/leash to get her off the ground and away from the other dog asap. So, I was thinking if I get a harness for her, at least if I ever do that again, I'd be lifting her by her chest/body. If you use one, do you have a kind that you recommend?

Re: Dog peeps: Questions abt tug-a-jug & harnesses

  • For the Tug-a-jug, I'd put something really stinky, really yummy, completely unresistable in there.  Things like freezedried oceanfish or the dried ahi tuna at Costo cut up into tiny pieces are really smelly...that way she won't stop until she figures it out.  Rustie LOVES his, and now, it's HI-larious to watch him work that thing.

    Re: harness, obviously I don't have a dog I can lift by a leash either way, so no help there :)  We use the no-pull harness, but clearly you need something different than that.  GL!!

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  • Holly loves her Tug a Jug and it took her awhile to figure it out and she is a smart dog =).  We ended up putting a few liver treats in with her food so that there was something in there that she really wanted.  She know can get all the food out in a matter of mins so it does not really work to keep her occupied for long periods of time but it is different and fun. 
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  • My dogs didnt like the tug a jug. 

    I've used the easy walk harness in the past and it worked great. It clips in the front though and is designed for them to not pull. It doesnt work well with my 2-1 leash though so I stopped.

    I have used puppia vest harnesses in the past too. They are super cute! I use a similar harness which is the RC Pet 3-1 vest harness. I use it only for the car though as its their safety restraint in there. It works really great. I've walked them with it too and its nice. But for day to day, I don't use a harness.


  • Neither of my dogs are into Tug-A-Jug. We used to do the Kong and put peanut butter in it, but then they were having some lovely odors and we stopped.

    We use a Puppia harness. I really like that one.

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  • We use a harness with our basset who has glaucoma and could not have pressure on her neck causing pressure to the eyes.  We have tried a few brands and it really depends on the dog.  They are really good about returns (I have noticed this at all dog stores) or try bringing in the dog for the fit.

    *Kind of off topic but on the topic of collars...our other dog has one of those spiked pinching collars (she is a puller and STRONG).  Well, one day when getting the two ready, the spiked collar from the lab got pierced into the basset's eye lid while they started to wrestle.  It was AWFUL!!!  All ended up good, just such a scare and warning out to those using the spiked ones.  We still use it but just make sure to leash them apart and make sure the spiked collar is fully engaged before letting them near each other. 

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  • Nala didn't like the tug a jug either.

    We like the harness, since she tends to get excited when she sees other dogs and occasionally pulls. I hate the fact that it seems like she is being choked. I like the harness that hooks the leash on the back. The one that leashes the dog at the chest is a little ackward.

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