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homemade stain treatment

Does anyone have a good pre-wash stain treatment recipe?

Re: homemade stain treatment

  • I usually just soak in oxy clean

  • my DH does the laundry, but he swears by straight up dish detergent. 
  • What kind of stains are you working on?

    Dish soap works wonders for oil and grease stains (apply soap directly to grease stain on clothing before washing).  Boiling water poured from a great height works well on berry stains.  Other kinds of stains I struggle with.   

  • It was just a general question. I don't want to buy anymore pretreatments so I'd like to have some idea's handy.

  • Milk is supposed to work well on ink stains, but I've found this to be only moderately effective (you have to SCRUB afterwards with hot water and soap, so I'm not sure if the milk itself is actually doing anything.)
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  • I have a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap ammonia and a little laundry soap, it seems to work pretty well on most stains.  I go heavier on the dish soap because I'm often battling food stains.  Do be careful with delicate items because vinegar can discolor fabric (learned that the hard way on my new sheer t-shirt.)  If I need additional stain fighting power I dust some baking soda on first, it reacts with the vinegar and it seems to work even better.  I also like to add Borax to my laundry. 

    Hope that helps!

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