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Huntsville/Madison area ladies

DH just accepted a job at the arsenal and we are moving very soon.  So house hunting...what schools do I want my kids to go to?  What schools should I avoid?  This is going to be our most important decision factor in buying and I'm nervous because I know crap about the schools down there.  Any help ya'll can give me would be great!  TIA

Re: Huntsville/Madison area ladies

  • I guess you noticed these boards aren't very active. ;)

    I don't have kids but I work with a lot of people that do. My guess is going to be those in south Huntsville where there are higher incomes and maybe Madison... Madison is so overcrowded, though... and from what I've heard a lot of the schools in both Madison and Huntsville are pretty crowded.

    Here is a website that might help:

  • I don't know anything about the schools since we don't have kids yet, but I'd have to agree that the Madison schools are overcrowded.  Check out the Alabama board on the Bump.  They all have kids and could probably help you a bit more!!
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  • A few of the better Huntsville schools are starting to go down since the kids at the lower end schools can now pick where they want to go.  I would suggest East Limestone or Harvest areas.  My son currently goes to Creekside Elem. and I've had no complaints so far; they are not the typical "country school" and house prices are better in that area also.  I hear problems in Madison City tend to get swept under the rug to maintain a reputation.

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  • DH and I bought a house last November and although we don't have any kids, we did some research on the schools in the area.  This definitely had a huge impact on our decision to buy in SE Huntsville.  We found Challenger and Mtn. Gap to be the best Elementary schools.  Farley Elementary has a fairly new building but they don't score as highly as the other two.  Grissom seems to be a good high school.


    Hope this helps!!  Good luck house hunting!!!



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  • I grew up in Madison county, north of 72 and went to Monrovia schools. The Monrovia Elementary is old and really a joke; I went there for one half a year and hated it. Monrovia Middle is a very strict place because the principal is all no-tolerance for violence and such. It felt safe, though, and had some good teachers when I was there. Loved being in the band. Arts and music was pretty decent. 

    Sparkman High got worse every year I was there and I'm glad to be long gone! It's like a prison in that it's strict without you feeling safe. You're basically told to sit down, shut up and learn. The administrators are on a power trip  and lately have been pressuring the students to be in all honors and AP classes whether they need to be or not. Anyway, I didn't like it.

    From what I know, Grissom is a good high school. Not the newest building, but a lot of smart kids. Sorry I can't help with any elementary school recs, though.

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