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Do you hate your garage??

We do not park our cars in the garage. it is more like storage. But I hate going in it! Some of our Christmas light plugs are in the garage but it creeps me out to go in there. I am always afraid of a bug or something IDK, it just does. 

Please tell me I am not the only weirdo!  

I forgot to mention my H's old car is in there also so I am always afraid of what might come out from under it!! 

Re: Do you hate your garage??

  • No. Our garage is fine. It's as big as our house. We both park in our garage, and my dad has an apt and we keep our boat down there. It's pretty organized. There was a bat down there last week though. I didn't see it but Chris nearly fell down the stairs when he saw it in the stairwell.
  • No, you must be weird.  Stick out tongue Our garage is perfectly acceptable.  We keep 2 cars in it, our Washer/Dryer, and various other garage type accessories (bikes, lawnmower, etc. )


  • The only demand H had when we bought our house is the 2 car garage.  He is a car guy and loves to work on his car at night so he can do it indoors with music and not bother anybody.  It also happens to be my work area because the washer and dryer are in the garage. 
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  •  I have a laundry room! So I never have to go into the garage, unless DD needs something and then she goes to get it. ( I tell H all the time he could hide someone in our garage and I would never know it!!) 

    I guess it is just me, and YES I have sprayed bug killer in my garage but it still is creepy!  







  • I can't wait to park in our garage again.  H has his work area in there plus our washer and dryer is in the garage.  We use it every day.
  • Nope!  I wish ours was a TAD bit bigger...with all my stuff out there, I only park in it.  Paul could probably park in it too, but with Isaiah's bikes and powerwheels it is hard.  We organize every few months or so, so it has been great!
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