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Recap of my day of traveling...

Wasn't delayed much, just a little late getting into Minneapolis because they were de-icing the plane ahead of us at the gate. PPR can't meet me for dinner thanks to the roads being nasty.

My hairspray leaked in my suitcase. It only got on my coat and dried pretty quickly, thank goodness!

My room is pretty nice...a huge corner whirlpool tub and kitchenette. Too bad they didn't have an onsite restaurant, so I got to walk about 20 minutes round trip in 15 degree snow/wind. :)

THEN, I just realized that I left my keys at home...which means I left my SecurID keyfob at home too. It's a little keychain with a series of digital numbers that change every 30 seconds and I need it to log on to the NMDP database for work and for training this week....not sure how tomorrow will go without it. Hope I can still do my training!


Re: Recap of my day of traveling...

  • Yikes! I hope the rest of the trip goes well...any way someone could send your keys to you?
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  • It's really been a good day overall. Considering I was flying to Minnesota with a layover in Chicago, I expected much worse when it came to weather and delays!

    The keys...well, unless my boyfriend is Edward Cullen, those keys aren't making it to Minneapolis by 7:30 AM tomorrow. :) I emailed and left a voicemail with the person who organized the training. Surely they'll have an alternative way to log me in.

  • Woww, yikes indeed! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you!
  • Glad you made it safely! Good luck tomorrow.
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  • The GOOD part is that you get to see ME tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sorry for the rest of the craptastic day, though, babe :(  I hope today goes well!!!

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