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Homemade Holiday Gifts?

Okay, November is almost over and most folks have been out shopping since 2:00 a.m. on Friday, so I think now is a good time to ask this. I'm B-R-O-K-E this year. Any money I've saved for gifts is going to my little cousins (ages 8 months - 15 years) and even then I'm paying less than $10/kid if I can.

I usually exchange gifts with friends/adult family, so this year, I'm trying to do all homemade gifts, but I want to make "nice" things/things they'll enjoy. Here are my ideas so far. Can I get some feedback as to which are cool, which are lame, which seem "cheap," or which seem awesome?

(1) Button Monogram Art (example from ETSY here) -- I was going to make these for my SIL and her boyfriend, since they just bought their first house and have talked about wanting "unique decor" for it. I may also make these for two of my "artsy" girlfriends who are looking to decorate their apartments.

(2) Scrabble Tile Necklaces (examples from ETSY here) -- I'm thinking these for all of my girlfriends. I can customize each pattern/design to suit their individual tastes.

(3) Wine Glass Charms (from my blog/previous ones I've made) -- I'm thinking of these for some coworkers/professors, if I get to them.

(4) Baked Goods -- My plan is to make gingerbread cookies and "puppy chow" for sure. I'm thinking those for male friends and adult family. The cookies would be done in celophane bags and the puppy chow would probably be done in canning jars.

(5) Bound copies of my thesis -- This is actually by request. My grandparents, my mom, my MIL, my aunt, and my BFF have all requested "official and signed" copies. They have told me I'm not allowed to get them anything else (though they may get baked goods too...)

Any other ideas? Should I vary the gifts a bit more? I was considering making ornaments and possibly doing books of original poetry/stories. What do you think about those?

And here's the big question...what should I do for DH?!?! I don't have ANY ideas for homemade gifts for him, and I really can't afford any "big" purchases for him. I almost always end up getting him clothes or video games, but that's kinda boring me. I've done a scrapbook for him and decorative items for his office...ugh. I'm stuck.    

I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback (even if the feedback is "nothing would be better than crafts" ...or, hopefully on the other side, "send me one too!" haha).


Re: Homemade Holiday Gifts?

  • I vote for edible gifts. I know it's not the most creative of ideas, but I love those cookie mixes in mason jars. If you read enough DIY and cooking blogs, I bet you can find awesome ideas. Do you read Bakerella? I LOVE this idea:


    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • I like your ideas. You have much more variety than I would have come up with! And I also like Mamie's suggestion of the cookie mixes in mason jars.  People think baking is so hard because there are so many ingredients. If you put all the dry ones together for them, you'd be surprised who will bake!

    Oh, and I'll take a button monogram, please and thank you!

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  • Ummm SBS, I think all of your ideas are amazing! I'd like a scrabble pendant please. I think you have varied ideas and could match the gift idea to the person it is for. Personally, I would go with baked goods, or the mason jar mixes/hot cocoa like mamie and red suggested.


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  • Wow, these really are some creative ideas. I wouldn't have gotten past baked goods (which I agree people love to get). The only thing I was eh about were the wine charms. I would rather have baked goods than a wine charm, but the scrabble tile necklace and button monogram are adorable! Another idea could be homemade personalized notecards. I loved the ones I got from a friend at my baby shower.

    For DH, I've done a coupon book, which sounds lame but actually turned out to be pretty cool if you get creative with the coupons you do. You already did my other suggestion of making him a scrapbook.

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