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pain during sex


           So I seem to be having a issue. Me and my DH rarley have sex becauseit is wayy to painful for me. I try to suck it up but i'm just in horrible pain after. I am in my 20's and I feel like we really should be having sex!

Please help!

Re: pain during sex

  • Schedule an appointment with you OBGYN ASAP.  Best to rule out any medical issues first.  And be honest with your doctor about the pain and the specific symptoms you are experiencing.  I know these things can sometimes be embarrassing, but your health is a priority!  Best of luck.
  • Ask your Dr about endometriosis.  I have it and sex is painful pretty much everytime.
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  • maybe vaginismus.  "painful sex" is pretty vague though.  see your doctor and explain to him/her more specifically your issue.
  • imageapompom:
    maybe vaginismus.  "painful sex" is pretty vague though.  see your doctor and explain to him/her more specifically your issue.


    I was going to say the same. And totally agree.

     You might want to talk to your OBGYN about this. Since they are your doctor you should be able to tell them anything. They hear all kinds of things and you're not the only one out there that they probably have treated for whatever you might have.


  • i would get checked with your gynocologist soon. i had the same problem and they diagnosed me with mild cervical dysplagia. like everyone else said it could be nothing or something but i would get checked to be on the safe side. it may be as simple as changing positions. good luck to you
  • It could be vulvodynia.  If it is....sorry....


    Also...if you ever look close if you see tiny tears on your vulva after sex...that can be the cause of pain.  Either way....go see your box doctor.


  • What about it is painful? Entry? Thrusting? Either way, I also suggest a dr visit
  • I am in my early twenties as well. I had terrible pain during and after sex a little over a year ago and went to see my OB/GYN. We talked about the pain and if the pain continued for long after sex. But to make a long story short, it was a hormone imbalance and all that was needed was to change birth control for a while. After a couple months I was able to switch back to what I had been taking.
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