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Pet mamas a question for you!

Do you have pet insurance for your furbabies?

Once we close today we are looking at adopting a puppy soon. I was looking at the vet's website that we are going to use and it said they accept most pet insurance. I don't know anyone who has pet insurance so I dont even know where to find it! Is it even worth it?



Re: Pet mamas a question for you!

  • we have rocksie microchipped through HomeAgain, then we have insurance through their provider. its not very expensive and it has been worthwhile for us. she is accident prone mostly because she spends a lot of time in the woods/water hunting and swimming. she has needed stitches from sticks cutting her, she had a spider bite we needed to have drained, she has lymes disease. and then add to that the fact that when she was a puppy she liked to eat things (like garden gloves and couch cushions). she also has a sensitive stomach and food allergies, so it covers some of her medication.

    you obviously cant anticipate those types of things when you get a puppy, but it has certainly been worthwhile for us.

    i also recommend the microchipping. the primary reason we did it is because we travel with her a lot and she hunts in different areas all the time camping, to the cabins, to and from each of our parents, day trips, etc. so if she were to get lost, it may not necessarily be around our home. the piece of mind of having her microchipped is worth it. and its virtually pain free for them. its the size of a piece of rice and its just injected into the skin near their shoulder. we had it done at the same time as her spay.

  • When we adopted Cleo they gave us a 30 day insurance policy but we never signed up for the "official" paid insurance. I think it was only $8/month or something like that.  I'm not opposed to pet insurance, I just don't know very much about it. It certainly would have come in handy when she had emergency surgery last year!

    We weren't given a policy with Cooper. The Humane Society may have stopped offering them.

    I do agree with Stees though- get the puppy microchipped! My parents dog recently ran away in Northern Wisconsin. Thankfully he is chipped, so my dad got a call pretty quickly after he went missing.

    Both of my kitties have micro chips because DCHS does it for free upon adoption. Its probably a good thing because my Cooper is a runner and has gotten out a couple of times!

  • im not sure of what they offer for shelter dogs, we selfishly bought rocksie. so that might be something to ask when you go look at the dogs.

    im not sure how all of them work, but at least the policy we have, they didnt have to go through a physical or anything like that. the doctor didnt have to say that she did or did not have pre-existing conditions.

    i will say that we are required to have her immunizations up to date, like rabies, for the insurance to stay void. probably because rabies vaccination is required in our state (im not sure if it is everywhere)


  • We go to Banfield, which is through Petsmart, and we have insurance through them for $28/mo.  We like to go to Banfield because we travel a lot, so we know there will always be a vet near us with April's medical history on file, no matter where we go.  This is good for us because she's allergic to a few different things, including a certain medication.

    We initially got the insurance when she was a puppy because it saved us a ton of money for getting her spayed.  We've kept up with it because of all the immunizations, vaccines, and we also just really like security of it.

    The time I was most grateful for it was when she was a puppy and ingested an entire bottle of nail polish remover at my grandparent's house, about an hour away from where I was living at the time.  I think it's totally worth it.

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