September 2009 Weddings
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what are you looking forward to this week?

yea im slacking. shush :P

nothing very exciting going on this week here.

i go see the doctor thursday and give him a report on how im feeling. so far so good.

i also go to the eye doctor thursday. i havent gone in three years. bad me. but i accidentally dumped my contacts down the sink so its time to go. ive been wearing the same pack of contacts for three years. bad me.

christmas shopping with my mom on saturday, hopefully i put a bigger dent into it and maybe i can even be all done.


Re: what are you looking forward to this week?

  • *Fingers and toes crossed* Hope to close on the house at 4:30pm

    Going to a local shelter to see if the puppy we have been looking at is still available

    Moving everything into the new house this week

    Having everything finally painted today

    Boy, just about everything has to do with this darn house! I think I need to buy new shoes or something this weekend! Wink

  • I'm mostly looking forward to the weekend, but there is some nice stuff this week. I'm looking forward to all the Christmas crafting I'll do each evening, I got a great start this weekend and even though things went really slowly last night, I got a good start on my advent calendar. This weekend will be fun: on Saturday we're going to see a Living Nativity, then Harry Potter, on Sunday is the donor reception for the tree festival I made a pair of gumdrop wreaths for, and then the wassail party at a historical society Clint and I joined last year.

  • My cousin is coming over tonight to pull all the wiring in the house now that all of our demolition work is done.

    The framing of the closets and dining room begins tomorrow.

    We're shopping for stuff for the house tomorrow night (new vanity, bathroom tile, dining room floor, doors, etc).

    NYC on Saturday to finish up my Christmas shopping.



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  • Tomorrow night we're going to see Michael Buble which I'm really excited about.

    Other than that, that's about it. I have a busy week at the studio and this weekend will consist of getting our tree and decorating it and probably start wrapping presents. They're all purchased.

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  • Weather permitting, I'm driving up tomorrow to see MOH for the day. She and I have had really crummy months the last few months, so it'll be nice to have each other to lean on.

    Friday-Sunday DH is going hunting with one of his coworkers, so on Saturday the coworker's wife and I are going to hang out. And Sunday I'm having lunch with one of my good friends.

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  • Tomorrow we're doing part II of my anniversary gift and going out to a nice dinner and to see WICKED. I'm crazy excited since this is one of my favorite musicals and I've been listening to the soundtrack repeatedly for about a week Embarrassed

    Also, we have no plans this weekend and I am pretty darn pleased about it. After not feeling well this past weekend I'm ready for a relaxing weekend of doing whatever we want!

  • For this week to be over. Everything else is just a plus. I am 2 for 2 now....meaning I have been thrown up on both days this week.  On top of this, as of 2 days ago, Weston now thinks he is a rockstar.  Once again last night he woke up at 4am jabbering away and didn't even fall asleep until 10pm. I knew his sleep schedule was too good to be true!
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  • Can I say not much?!? I was due to fly to LA next weekend and they just canceled my trip due to so much going on in the office. I am kind of pissed.

    Really my week isnt too terrible just VERY busy. 

    Friday is my little sis' Black/Red indoor track meet and I am excited to watch it. Party at my gym after for the holidays. Thursday I am getting my hair colored which it needs. Saturday the tree is being cut and a Christmas party-  Sunday - we decorate the tree!

  • Friends are coming over tonight to take pictures of Sami since her newborn shoot left much to be desired.  We are paying then with Thai.

    Going to continue my Xmas shopping tomorrow!  Can't believe I'm almost done...

    Thursday I'm heading to the North Shore for lunch with my aunt.  I also get to sort through her kids' old toys to see if there's anything we want for Sami.

    Friday my sister and I are going to see Air Supply!  XD

    Saturday starts the holiday grabs.... first one if with my college friends.

    Sunday is my little GTG with the few friends from high school I'm still close with to celebrate the holidays and spoil our kids! 

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  • *sigh* very little.  It's going to be a very long week. 

    I have an Arbonne party on Saturday, which I'm not really excited about other than making some snacks and desserts and having some wine with friends. 

    Then I'm dragging myself to a Silpada party on Sunday.  The only reason I'm going is because the hostess is coming to the Arbonne party the night before. 


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