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GRRR!!! (Long Vent)

I am never EVER buying a house again!

This is getting so ridiculous! We were supposed to close the day before Thanksgiving last week. Our Mortgage guy said the underwriters were not done because of the holiday so we changed the closing to tomorrow.

Yeah well lets hope so.

The mortgage guy just called me asking for my last 2 paychecks and W2s. Jon got the mortgage all on his own, and I will be on the title, so they told Jon he only needed his last 2 checks and W2s not mine. Turns out WI law says that if you are married, even if only one is on the mortgage, BOTH people have to have this information given to the bank. They have known we are a married couple for the last 3 weeks. Jon asked several times if they needed my information and was told no.

So now here we are the day before, and the guy calls for my info, problem is the 2 people in my building that can get this info for me are not in today! Another guy is going to try and print this stuff out so the mortgage guy can pick it up. Lets hope he can do his job this time so we can close tomorrow and not delay it anymore. If so I will be one very angry woman!!


Re: GRRR!!! (Long Vent)

  • you not keep your pay stubs and tax records?
  • Oh I do, and Jon brought them with him originally and they told him they did not need them, so we put them back in our bedroom. But I am at work right now, so I could not get to them until late this afternoon. It was easier for our accounting dept to print off a copy and fax it to him.

  • Its seems that everyone runs into issues trying to buy a home. We had our share of PITA moments. Try to relax, not make a big deal of all the little things and everything will be much more enjoyable. You'll get there! :)
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