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Cali to Wisconsin to NY! Anyone a grad student at D'youville

Long story short I've lived in Cali all my life, got married in August and now living in Wisconsin.  It was a difficult and expensive move to Wisconsin and NOW we are moving to Buffalo for grad school at D'youville this summer.  So pleaseee if anyone can give me some advice on parts of buffalo to look for apartments or apartment complexes near D'Youville, good health insurance providers for ny state, good/trustworthy websites to look for jobs.. or any other information.. This is my first time posting on this site so I don't even know if I'm doing what im supposed to : )

Re: Cali to Wisconsin to NY! Anyone a grad student at D'youville

  • Hi and welcome- you're on the right board! There's more activity during the weekdays on here, and there are some Buffalo ladies who can definitely help with parts of Buffalo,etc. (I'm further east in Roch).

    Good luck with the move!

    image image image
  • Welcome! I'm a Cali native too! 

  • welcome!! the girls here are the best, and Buffalo and the surrounding areas are a great place to live. any questions just ask!


    for jobs try:


    buffalo in general:


    on facebook:

    The 716

    Buffalo, N.Y.




  • Hi and Welcome to the area! A lot of the Buffalo ladies post on the Bump (I am usually over there as well).

    What program are you starting at D'Youville? 

    I find that is a great website to search for jobs anywhere. Just plug in the type of titles you are looking for and the city and it will pull from sites like wnyjobs as well as company specific sites. 

    You may also want to narrow your search with which is more geared toward professional positions in the area and maintained by the Buffalo Niagara Partnership (local chamber organization). 

    Your career center also has access to local job opportunities and wonderful professionals (I know many of them professionally). I would contact them and explain your situation and see if you can gain access to their job board. 

    Most of the local real estate companies have a rental division so check out Hunt and Realty USA for starters.

    Ellicott Development Kissling Interests Buffalo Management Group are some of the larger rental companies but primarily in the city. I don't know how much you would be willing to spend. I believe that most of these units are pricier but that they are nice. You can also try Craig's List but make sure that you really check out the area, owner etc.North Buffalo and Elmwood area have a lot of owner occupied doubles which I would prefer.

    Good luck!


    G - Summer 2011




    Baby #2

  • OO where from?  and how are you liking the differences of the west and the east??
  • Thanks to everyone so far for the info!  Its so hard to just google stuff sometimes..

    I am starting a masters in Occupational therapy.. I am probably overly excited and I just want it to start so planning our move is helping to occupy my time..  As for living, do you know if D'youville is in a "good" area or some parts of buffalo to not look for apartments.. how is the downtown area, there seems to be some neat apartments.  We are probably going to just rent an apt. for the time being because our income will be relatively low with me going to school full time again... thanks again!

  • image kltroj2:
    OO where from?  and how are you liking the differences of the west and the east??

    I grew up in the Silicon Valley.  Then lived in Sacramento before moving out here.  I've been here almost five years now and can finally say I'm used to it.  It is a huge difference from Cali and ultimately I'd love to return home but for now the east coast is treating me well.


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