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Black Friday was awesome!

Why haven't I ever participated before?!  DH and I went to ON at midnight and saved 200$ on clothes we would've bought anyway.  At BBB we bought syrup for our Soda Stream at the equivalent of buy 4 get 1 free, which is a great deal.  At Kohl's we purchased 2 Oneida dinnerware 8-service sets for 33.99$ each.  And we bought coats, gloves, and hats for teenagers from a giving tree.  We didn't even spend 500$ all day.  It's crazy, really.

Anyone else score anything fabulous?

Matt loves Munkii!!!

Re: Black Friday was awesome!

  • American Eagle had DH's knit caps that are usually $19.99 for $5 plus 20% off. I got a mattress pad at Kohls that was usually $49.99 for $17. I got my dog a bed that was originally $40 for $9.95 at Bonton. I finished the rest of my shopping today and I got $20 in Kohls cash so I have one more gift to get and it will be with that! Those are the biggest deals I got today...I think...I got so much stuff though that I cannot remember! I've been up since 230am and I am ready for bed!
  • God, Toys R Us was intense.  They opened at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day.  My sister, mom and I, thinking that we were smart, said, "We're not going at 10pm because EVERYONE's going to go at 10pm.  Instead we'll go at 2am, when the initial rush will be dying down, and by the time we're done there, the other stores will be opening."

    When we walked through the doors at 2am, we didn't go 10 feet before runnign into the line for the register.  Literally, the line for the register wrapped all the way around the store - INCLUDING going up and down every aisle.  I immediately parked myself in line and sent my mom and sister off do to their shopping.  I spent 90 minutes in line. : ) OI

    The deals were great, though.  I got a lot of clothes at Kohls for $90 and got some work pants at NY&C for 60% off. 

    LOVE Black Friday!  

  • Whew, you girls are braver than I. Sounds like it was totally worth it though. Good job!
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  • I love shopping on Black Friday. I only spent about $100 and got a ton of stuff for lil man.

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  • I totally wanted to go out becuase it was the first black friday in 5 years that I wasn't working (thank you Peyton!).  But when it came down to it, I really didn't know what I would buy!  So, I stayed at home all snuggled up since it's rather cold here in Michigan.
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  • This is the first year I didn't go out.....but I did score online instead.  I bought 2 chunky sweaters, 2 purses (a leopard printed one as well that I'm super excited about), and 2 scarves (one with lace detail) all for $100 plus free shipping.  I was pretty dang excited about it.....
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