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I desperately need to buy snow boots for my treks across campus this winter.  What do you all think of these?  I can't decide if they're cute or not--the big problem is that the style is not very neutral.


Matt loves Munkii!!!

Re: Boots

  • Love sorel boots!  But you're right, they're not very subtle.  For me, warmth is way more important than fashion so I wouldn't care one way or another as long as my feet are dry and warm.  I say go for it!  I have some Uggs and they're warm and with some mink oil, pretty waterproof but they have NO traction whatsoever.  On really snowy/icy days, I pull out my big clunky boots like the ones pictured and don't care one bit about who sees!
  • I think they are super cute.  Would you be wearing them all day or just when you go outiside?  I usually wear big ugly clunky snow boots to work and when I have to go around campus, but then change into flats etc. when I'm chillin in my office.  Those are really cute though, I may just get a pair to match. Big Smile
  • Those look like they would keep you warm! Lately I have been about what keeps me warm...I don't know how I stood outside in the snow in a skirt and tank top in college to get into a party, craziness. I think those boots are cute too!
  • I'd just wear them outside and change into flats.  Now I'm stuck on these or a couple others (like pink/white/black houndstooth)--all this style by Sorel.
    Matt loves Munkii!!!
  • I think they're cute too, but couldn't wear them all day without my feet getting sweaty, so I second the girls' idea to carry flats in your bag with you. Now go buy those cute boots!
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  • Did you look on Zappos.com?  They may be a bit cheaper...  I also like these. Stick out tongue

  • I am also asking Santa for new snow boots since I haven't a new pair since I was like 14. These are the ones I am getting, just the classic Caribou boots:


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