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Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

Happy Wednesday! 

Okay, so tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have to admit - I am filled with anxiety about my Thanksgiving plans.  I haven't hosted many Thanksgivings, and I have never done it on my own, so this is HUGE to me.

Luckily the friends that are coming over tomorrow are pretty awesome, they are all bringing foodstuff, and one friend offered to bring over all the servingware stuff if I need it.  

Friday with my family will be a little sketchier.  I need to figure out how to ask people to bring stuff. 

It will be stressful, but I think it will be fun.  I just can't wait until Saturday when it's done!   :)

Tell us about your Thanksgiving plans - what's happening?

Have a great day, and a great holiday!

Re: Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

  • The chances of Thanksgiving are looking pretty slim for us now.

    My gma moved our family's Tday to Friday because she doesn't want everyone out and about in this weather. 

    IL's house is on a hill and so are we, so if the ice doesn't sort of melt we might be stuck at home. 

    This is the second holiday that we've missed because of weather. Le boo. 

  • i stocked up on ground turkey to freeze when it was really cheap a few months ago.... i might mold it into the shape of a turkey.. i also have potatos and gravy mix at home...i think that's the extent of it!

    the ice seriously needs to melt. i cannot drive in it, and i can't bring my h to the grocery store because he'll whine.

    my parents want to go to canada for cousin goes every year and my parents are tagging along... my inlaws don't want to cook...... so...nothing fancy.

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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • Good morning!! I'm sitting at SeaTac and it is freezing in here! Thankfully our flight appears to be on time this morning so hopefully it will be an uneventful trip. After all my freaking out, we didn't have to go through the scanner lanes at security, just the good ol metal detector. DH is a little bitter that his security screening didn't include a happy ending... he's a goof.

    Send us good vibes for as little stress as possible for this in law visit! At least there won't be ice on the roads in southern CA. Hope you all stay safe in the ice and that it melts quick!

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  • Snowflake...can you not just send an email to each member and assign them what to bring? You know along the lines of "I will be providing this, this and this. Aunt Joan you are in charge of potatoes, Dad you are in charge of stuffing, and Weird Uncle you are in charge of rolls".

     Out T-day is fairly low key this year. Just the husband, the teenage boy and myself. So we are having cornish hens and each of us get to make a different kind and share. Then the regular fixings with it.

    Friday we will be doing our traditional trek to the lighting of the Macy's star. IF they can get the roads cleared by then. Otherwise I may start holiday decorating the house. 

  • I'm home today since the college is closed. I'm glad since SIL and BIL arrived last night. We're hosting Thanksgiving for 7 people and we've got all the food. I'm a little worried about getting everything cooked at the same time, but I'm sure we'll be ok.

    I'm not sure what we'll do today. We're not much for driving in the snow, but our guests came all the way from Portland with no problem, so we'll see.

  • We're going to my parents tomorrow. I have today off, so I'll be spending the day cooking what I can. I have a few dishes to make today and a few dishes to make tomorrow. I think I might start watching some holiday movies. I've had snow days all week and I'm really tired of daytime TV.
  • Lucky's right Snowflake, just send an email like she said. That is the nicest way you can do it. That's what we do every year. Whoever hosts is mainly in charge of the turkey, mashed potatoes, and a couple sides or so. It depends on the host. Some in our family go all out, but every member still brings something.

    Tomorrow my mom is hosting Tday and our family is all gonna be there except one of my aunts. So it'll be a blast! I love getting stuffed and watching football. Ah, gotta remember to bring sweats... ;p

  • I am set and ready for tomorrow. I went out this morning to get a few forgotten items and thankfully the roads werent bad at all. I have my turkey brining in the fridge and I am about to get on making some pumpkin pies. I have been hosting turkey day the last 3 years or so since Dh and I bought our house. I kind of prefer it though. Then while everything cooks dad and I can go through the black friday adds to plan out our route for Friday :)
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  • Friends of ours invited us to their place for Thanksgiving dinner...I'm in charge of bringing stuffing and two pies (she asked for one...I'm bringing two of the same kind because there will be 11 of us...and then she can keep the leftovers since she likes it so much).

    I hosted the last two years, and although I think it's fun, I'll admit that the thought of just relaxing tomorrow morning sounds nice!

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  • H and I are celebrating our ten year dating anniversary today! So... thats always fun, not sure what we are doing because of the weather but still..

    We are hoping to head to my inlaws tommorrow but are going to wait til a bit later to head there! I LOVE thanksgiving!

    Hope you all have a great and wonderful (and safe) holiday!

  • Good Morning!

    Tomorrow we are driving to Edmonds to H's uncles. I am hoping it warms up so I can go for a run. I am dieing to run outside.

    Friday I have to work, but it is usually slow here so I plan to do a lot of online Christmas shopping at the same time.

    Saturday I am going to put up Christmas. Sunday we have a wedding to go to.

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