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Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

Happy Tuesday!

So how is everyone doing in the snow?  I know my sister had to bring some people to the airport (or to a hotel near the airport) and she left Everett yesterday around 4pm....  and got home this morning at 5am.  Dang.  That's a 13 hour trip to Seatac and back.

My commute has been fairly drama free, I left work at 4pm yesterday to avoid as much rush hour as possible, and then I left for work super early this morning to avoid rush hour again.  It's worked for me so far.

I am feeling blah this week, today I have migraine symptoms, but I am going to try to plow through to the end of the day.

Are you working from home today?  Taking a snow day? Or are you in the office today like me?

Have a great day ladies!

Re: Good Morning Wonderful Nesties

  • Wow, I'm glad your sister made it back safe... even after 13 hours. That's crazy.

    I'm working from home again today and the rate that it's going I'll probably work from home tomorrow too.

    I'm really hoping that we can have Thanksgiving this year. Sad

  • hello ladies! working from home today... my 4 minute commute yesterday took 40 minutes.....i know, not nearly as long as 13 hours (yikes), but it was still full of stress and tears. it wasn't the traffic that got me, but i was actually stuck-stuck. i couldn't get up a slight hill. and when i got out of the car to talk to other stuck-people, my car started sliding i didn't even get companionship! since i was so close to home, though, H walked out to me and came to my rescue and got us home.

     so i am definitely not going to be dealing with that again. argh.

    i'm going to be really sad if there's no "real" thanksgiving this year...if everybody is confined to their homes... i have frozen chicken breast and ground turkey, and that's the closest we'll get to a real turkey...maybe i can mold the ground turkey into the shape of a real turkey.

     can you ladies even IMAGINE how busy the grocery stores will be tomorrow and thursday? yikes. i don't think it will even be worth the trip.

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  • I'm having a snow day!  As a teacher, I don't really get a choice.  =)  I will say that I am VERY thankful our school is closed.  The area where school is, is probably not that bad, but I am stuck up here on my big hill, and I don't want to come down until the ice is gone!  DH's boss is being a jerkface and trying to get people to come in (even though he can work from home easily).  He was considering it until he saw how many abandoned cars there still are on the hill.  Which is good, because he'd be taking MY car!

    Jenn, that was almost me last night.  I was so close to home that DH could have walked to get me, and I wanted the companionship.  My car wasn't stuck, but I was stuck behind other people that stopped on a hill & couldn't get going again.  Luckily, my monster could go around them =)

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  • We got off work yesterday at 12:30 and we have a snow day today. I'm really glad since I was worried about driving to work at 6 am. We went grocery shopping on the way home yesterday so we're set. If we need to go anywhere we can walk. It's not too far.

    I've got housework to do today and some baking. I'm looking forward to a good day!

  • Most people left our office early yesterday... I was the last one to leave at 4:30 because the Dr. I work for had a difficult patient! It took me 3 hours to get home (usually takes 20 minutes) and when I got there our driveway was so icy I ran into our garage! Not much damage but there could have been! It took my husband almost 4 hours to get home as well...

     I debated back and forth this morning about attempting to drive until one of my bosses called and said "you are probably not going to make it are you?" I jumped on that one and am not driving anywhere until this ice is gone!!


  • Hello everyone!

    I was lucky and didn't have to work yesterday! And I'm glad I didn't have to! But man, you guys have some amazing jobs! You can work from home or they close down or they call and say you probably aren't coming! Crazy! That's the main reason I hate winter is my job doesn't care. UPS pretty much demands that you show up cause people want their damn christmas presents or something, ;P

    Well, tonight H and I are going to see the new Harry Potter. Can't wait. Till then I'm gonna stay bundled up till work time!

  • I always work from home, so no snow day for me!  Stick out tongue

    DH went to work and got there with no problems.  Granted, he learned to drive in the Colorado mountains, and he said that there weren't many drivers out on the road, which actually helped.  He said that 164th was basically snow-packed, not icy (it's actually pretty easy to drive on snow-pack, especially if you know what you're doing).

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  • I guess not having a job yet means snow day for me :) Everyday is a snow day! lol. Right now I'm at my boyfriends mercy....I've never driven in any kind of snow/ice so I really need to get out there and experiment some. I think I'm gonna see if we can hit up an empty parking lot or something.  I have noticed though....the best way to keep someone as far away as possible while driving is to keep the FL plate on the car ;) People stay far, far away
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  • Im home today also but only because I was supposed to have a Dr apt in Renton at 11 so I pre-scheduled the day off work. The Dr office was closed though due to weather so the puppies and I are hanging out at home and playing in the snow. Dh had to go in to work but he made it ok and thankfully he is a weird one that loves driving in this kind of weather.

    I'll be one of the crazy ones at the store tomorrow but only because I went to get everything last Friday and ended up not getting enough of a few things :( So hopefully I can get out there early enough tomorrow that it wont be to busy. 

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  • Oh man, I'm in the office, but leaving in a few minutes! Yay! I had originally planned to take a half day, but I ended up starting work at 6 this morning so I have been here for what feels like a very long time. I was the only one on my team who showed up this morning, until one other girl made it in around 10. It's crazy out there!

     Wish me luck - gotta pack, somehow get to SeaTac, and make it through the protests to fly out tomorrow morning. It could easily be my most adventurous birthday ever.

    Have a great Tuesday and be safe ladies!

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  • Wow 13 hours! That is insaine.

    My drive home was terrifying, but didn't take too long. I left at 4:30 and got home at 5:30, mostly due to me driving 20 MPH the whole way. I then picked up H and we went straight to the dealership to trade my car in and pick up my new car.

    The dealership emailed me this morning to check on me and turns out they tried to move my car after I left. It ended up getting stuck in the parking lot so they just rolled it to the side out of the way. I am so glad I don't have to worry about driving that thing in the snow any more.

    I walked to the Kirkland branch today so I didn't have to drive. Tomorrow I need to get to Bellevue though. Hopefully they get these side streets well de iced.

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