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How far is your commute?

How far is your commute to work (in time and miles)?  How much do you (and DH) spend in gas per month?

Re: How far is your commute?

  • i'm 12 mi from work - approx 15 mins.  i spend about $80 on gas per mo.  DH is in sales so has his car and all of his gas pd for.  (very nice benefit)
  • I'm just at 5 miles from work - DH is too, we both work at the same place.  However, our gas costs are different because of the cars we drive.  I have a Civic and fill up about once every two weeks which costs me roughly $35.  DH drives a Subaru, but its a high performance vehicle with all the after-markets he's added on (he also races it), and has to use the highest octane gas.  He also gets crappy gas mileage because of the turbo/engine, and spends about $40 a week.  Occasionally he can go 8 - 10 days before refilling.
  • Mine is about 15 miles and between 30-45 mintues, depending on traffic.  DH's is about 10 miles and 20-30 minutes.  We usually spend about $400 per month on gas (SUV and sports car).
  • Not sure how many miles, but about 15 - 20 minutes.  15 if light traffic.  20 if I get behind a slow vehicle!

    Gas - DH much more than me.  Me - about $60-75.

  • My commute is about 20 miles each way. In the morning, it takes about 30 minutes & in the evening as much as 45 (dang rush hour traffic). So that's about 200 miles (plus any errands) during the week @ about 30 mpg. Depending on the price, I spend between $25-35 each week.
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