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Vacation Highlights

Hello!  Back from vacation, had a real nice time.

Flew into San Diego, drove around the city our first night there.  Very Pretty.  We were staying on Shelter Island - near the marina - so many pretty boats!  Went to the Zoo on Sunday, but I was a little disappointed with the lack of animals.  Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous zoo, but I just thought they would have more animals! After the zoo, we walked around Balboa Park, which was neat b/c there were free concerts going on, and this international type deal going on.  Finished the day off with dinner at Mr. A's in Bunker Hill - awesome view, great food, great service!

On Monday, we left Shelter Island.  Toured Point Loma a little bit visited the lighthouse and ended up in La Jolla.  I loved La Jolla, gorgeous.  Never have I seen seals on the beach, and the caves were awesome. If it were warmer out, I would have loved to kayak in them.  Had a nice Mexican dinner at Jose's.

Tuesday - Had lunch at a cute place in La Jolla (can't remember the name), and took a little walk, before heading out and hitting up Laguna Beach.  Not a whole lot going on in Laguna Beach - lots of hills (to be honest, everywhere we were in CA has hills...not like this in Philly, it was nice). Ended up crashing in some place right outside of Laguna.

Wednesday - Disneyland. :)  We let the inner kids come out in us.  H was kind of opposed at first, but he did it for me.  However it did bring back a lot of childhood memories, which made me miss my dad.  Stayed overnight in San Bernardino.

Thursday - Drove through the Mojave Desert...very neat.  I've never seen anything like it, but after a while it got boring, b/c it's a desert.   Ended up in Vegas, and met up with some of H's family.

Friday - Vegas - won $ in Blackjack (yay!), made $6 into $90 on a penny slot machine, and ended the night with Peepshow (Holly Madison), and Pf Changs.

Saturday - Vegas - Had a nice Swedish massage.  And drank before getting on the red eye @ 1:00 am Sunday Morning to get back to Philly.  Had a layover in Minneapolis, where there was a snow storm, and delayed our flight...boo.

All in all, good vacation.  It was nice to get away, but hard at the same time, because the one person I really want to talk to about my trip, is my dad...and I can't.


Re: Vacation Highlights

  • I'm sorry the vacation ended on a bittersweet note, but glad you had a nice time overall!
  • That sounds like an awesome vacation! Your post made me miss California.
  • Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Nice to win $ in Vegas. Makes me want to go back.

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  • Sounds like fun! I want to see that Holly Madison show.

    Very funny thing- so you left Vegas at 1am Sunday morning... I took a redeye from Seattle at 12:50am Sunday morning and also had a layover in Minneapolis!!!!  Weird.  Haha.  We weren't delayed though... just 15 minutes to de-ice the wings.


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