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T&P Update!

Sorry in advance for this book...

Thanks for all the T&Ps everyone :bighug 

Last night was REALLY hard, probably the hardest night of my life (says someone who hasn't had kids yet).

I'm really extremely angry with the vets office for sending him home yesterday evening. They said he would sleep, he didn't. He was extremely upset, violently so. I had planned to spend the night with him but decided against it because he was so volatile. We took out the bedframe so the mattress/boxspring are directly on the floor. This way he can't get stuck underneath or go under and get the 'cone of shame' off. Also, I figured it would be easier for him to get on/off the bed. As soon as we got home he was tearing drunkenly around the room screaming/growling/JUMPING(with no issues)/banging his cone into everything. Dragging it along the floor and walls. It was the most horrible thing I've ever witnessed. I spent a lot of time last night wondering if we made the right choice and worried that we'd have to have him put to sleep. 

Also, when we met with the vet on Saturday and scheduled this surgery she told us he'd have to be separated for a couple days. When we picked him up we were told that he has to come back in 21 days for suture removal and that he has to wear the cone and be separated FOR THE FULL 21 DAYS. I was not prepared to hear that. 

Tangent time: Jinx is a special cat. He's EXTREMELY emotionally unstable and honestly should be on medication but going to the vet is so traumatizing on him that we don't take him regularly like we should. Our other cat Olly went to the vet (routine visit, gone an hour) and came back smelling 'funny' this sparked a 6 MONTH period of separation. It took 6 MONTHS (and failed cat behaviorist visits) to get him to not want to kill Olly. Jinx cannot be around other animals. We were hesitant to get a dog even though we both really wanted one, because of Jinx. Luckily the vets advice and our instinct was spot on and he did fine with Sookie because we brought her in as a tiny puppy. We have to be extremely careful opening our windows or even our blinds because if Jinx sees/smells another cat he will freak out and redirected aggression attack Olly. So being told that he will have to be separated for 21 days is really scary to us. Olly is very understanding but I have a feeling that Jinx will 'forget' who Olly is. Trying not to worry and cross that bridge when we get to it.

I fully believe they sent him home last night not because he was ready, but because they couldn't handle him. When Jinx is upset he turns into a feral snarling bundle of teeth and claws. He doesn't care WHO you are. After we paid and went over care instructions the tech says to us. "I want you to follow me back and help get him into the carrier". Nick and I look at each other like, "is she *** crazy??". We both were wounded just getting him there and he didn't have a fresh wound to work around and be gentle with. It took 4 of us to get him into the carrier. There were signs all over his kennel cage that he will run/bite/scratch/BEWARE. 

But to close with a positive. Nick went in to check on him this morning when we woke up. I couldn't do it, I was still so worn out emotionally from last night. I fed our other cat and took the pup out to potty. When I got back inside Nick called me into the spare bedroom. There was Jinx. On the bed, GETTING PETS, PURRING, WAGGING HIS STUMP, back to his normal self. He doesn't appear to be in any pain. We have a laser lotion that we have to apply to the incision twice daily and he didn't care when Nick applied it this afternoon. Apparently Jinx just comes down from anesthesia REALLY BAD. I took a half day today and tomorrow so we've been napping together in here.

Sorry again for the book! I REALLY appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I feel like we may need them more than ever in 21 days when we have to re-introduce the cats. 

Re: T&P Update!

  • Oh, wow!  How scary!  Glad to hear things are going better today.  Best wishes & luck that recovery for poor Jinx (and the rest of you) goes well! 

  • Aw, Hyr, I'm sorry you guys had such a rough night! That is really upsetting that the vets changed so much on you (from not keeping him over night, to the separation time frame).  Glad you guys are all having a better day today and I hope it keeps looking up from here!
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  • Thanks for the update Hyr. I'm sorry the vets office is extending the separation time and you had such a horrible night last night. Hope when the 21 days is up, that things go smoothly for you.

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  • That sounds really rough but glad to hear he is beginning to act like his old self again. 

    As far as him getting used to Olly again, could you slowly bring in things that smell like Olly so he can get used to the scent again?  They recommend this with babies who will be living with pets so maybe it will work here?

  • Wow. I'm sorry you had such a traumatic night. But it sounds like he is doing better today and in the end, you did what was best for him. I'm sure he knows he is extra special to you =)
  • Glad to hear Jinx is getting back to his normal self today, but so sorry you had such a rough night. I think lucky's idea is a good one of re-introducing Olly's scent towards the end of the 21 days. What a tough thing to have such a long separation though!
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