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Would you take this as a compliment or not?

I just tweeted this, so sorry for the repetition if you follow me on there. 

But today I met with an insurance agent who wants to sell me a supplemental LTD policy. He was making small talk and asked if this was my first job. I laughed and said, "Um no. I'm 29."

So either I look really young or in some way I look too much like a kid.  This is the second time I've been asked this in just two months. 

Should I try to look "older" at work?  

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Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: Would you take this as a compliment or not?

  • I personally would take it as a compliment. I follow your blog and see your OOTD's I think they are professional and stylish and you don't look like a kid to me. I know it might be annoying, but I say enjoy them thinking you are in your early 20's.

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  • I'm with you on that one... not sure how I would interpret it.  If it sounded like he was asking because he's thinking you're young -- compliment, if it sounded like he's asking because you look unprofessional, inexperienced, etc -- insult. 

    People at my work used to make comments all the time about me being the baby because I was a good 10 years younger than everyone.  Since I've gotten married, the comments have died down and now that I'm pregnant, I haven't heard one in a while.  I think it had less to do with age/looking young, than just being in different places in life.  Now that I'm married/going to have a baby, I fit in with everyone elses married with kids lifestyle better.

  • I agree with Hawki, you really have to know his motivation for saying to determine insult or compliment.

    How does your dress style compare with co-workers?  Are most of them older than you? How old was the insurance guy?  

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  • I would probably brush it off as someone who really sucks at small talk.  He probably thinks that he needs to say something to make women feel good (you look young/thin/pretty, etc) in order to "get the sale" and is trying so hard not to be creepy, he just comes across as awkward. 

  • I would take it as a compliment.
  • I would also like to know how old the insurance guy way -- I feel like the older you are, the younger everyone else seems. I saw a group of kids yesterday who I was convinced were too young to be out by themselves...until I realized they were wearing letterman's jackets and were actually high school students. Hand to God, I thought they were, like, eight or nine years old.

    While I don't think you dress unprofessional at all, I would argue that you're more stylish than most. Unfortunately, people tend to associate style with youth (seriously, why can't people dress well when they're 40, 50, 60?). So if that was the question (i.e. - "Wow, this woman actually cares about her appearance and seems to have put effort into her look...she MUST be young..."), I wouldn't care in the slightest. However, if you think it maybe had something to do with how you presented yourself (what you said, the way you responded to his questions), then maybe be concerned...but I doubt that was the reason...

    So I guess then you should just assume it was a compliment towards your youthful looks and style!

  • Thanks, guys! He was super duper old, so maybe Colette's theory is on target. Though the person who asked me something similar was only a few years older than me. 

    I don't work with a lot of women, and there is no one there that dresses like me. They're all content with shapeless knit tops and ill-fitting trousers and sensible shoes. Maybe that's why I've been trying to wear bland colors to not stick out.  

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    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
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