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just having a pitty party-missing Army husband

No one has to reply to this, but I am just sort of feeling sorry for myself because my husband is gone yet again. It's hard being a military spouse. It's even harder when your spouse is in combat. My husband's new job as a general's aide means that he's gone quite a bit and often the trips are last minute, but I try to keep things in perspective and am thankful that he is safe and not in combat. My heart goes out to those families and the spouses who are single parents when their military spouse is gone.
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Re: just having a pitty party-missing Army husband

  • I'm sorry you are feeling down.  This life really is what you make it, though.  It sucks sometimes, but you pick your self up and you drive on. 

    It really is nothing like being a single mom, though.  That analogy really bugs me.  I've been a single mom and that was much harder.  No matter where my husband is, I know he has my back and is there to support me.  When I was a single mom, I didn't have anyone to cheer me on and tell me I was doing a great job.  I didn't have the moral support.  I do with my husband, even if he is half a world away or on his 10th TDY of the year. 

    Hang in there.


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  • Yes, it sucks. But we knew what we were getting into when we starting dating our guys :(

     One day at a time. It will get better.

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