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Quinoa = rice cooker?

Hey guys, I'm a vegetarian and am just getting into the quinoa (thanks Whole Foods). I love my crock pot for my husband's meats and was thinking along the same lines for my food. Do any of you have any advise or preferance for how to cook quinoa? Can you use a rice cooker? Pros and Cons of doing so? Thank you! Tara Paradise
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Re: Quinoa = rice cooker?

  • Quinoa is easy to do on the stove-top, but I usually do it in my rice cooker anyway. The one I have is so very basic; the settings are "cook" and "warm." :) It takes about 30min to cook in there, start to finish, which is no more or less than the stove top, given the time it takes to boil the water. I have a quinoa tag in my blog.


  • I mixred quinoa with white rice all the time in my rice cooker... never tried it by itself.
  • I just make it stove top. Instead of water I use vegetable broth a lot of times. Sorry I'm no help on the rice cooker.
  • I make it all the time in my rice cooker.  I use the same directions as for regular rice in the rice cooker.  Sometimes I sub broth or soup for the liquid instead of water.  I used light coconut milk when I made it to go with chicken curry the other night.  It was awesome.
  • Awesome, thank for the advise guys. I bought a rice cooker last night w/ some leftover wedding gift certificates and I'm using it tonight! I think someone said to consider the time it takes to boil water... that did it for me, I have an awfully slow stove (thanks, landlord!). So excited to make some tonight! 
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  • I made it last night; awesome! Quick question... best way to reheat? because it's all grainy I wasn't sure if you could just pop it in the microwave.
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  • yeah we just microwave it.  I keep it covered to keep it from drying out when I reheat.
  • Thanks for posting. I was wondering about this. I also make polenta and millet in it. If you freeze rice, it doesn't dry out. I wonder if that's true of quinoa too. I either freeze my rice or just leave it in the cooker. It's good for a couple days as long as it isn't too hot.

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