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Recipe Fail

I tried out a new recipe tonight that had gotten great reviews on a blog I read. I should have halved the recipe, or cut it in thirds, because it made a ton of food - two 9x13 pans and an 8x8 inch pan!

The worst part? It's not very good. Actually, I don't like it at all, and I have no idea what we're going to do with it all!! DH will eat anything, so he'll choke it down, but I'm sad to waste so much food :(

Anyone want some pumpkin penne pasta? Or have any recipe fail stories to make me feel better?

Re: Recipe Fail

  • Ugh. I feel your pain.  Anything that I try that amounts to more than:

    1.  Open cans of things and put on crockpot (or simmer in giant pot).

    2.  Serve.

    Amounts to disaster.

    Maybe feed to the animals?  Or pitch it.

  • I hate when that happens. I made a Rachel Ray recipe for turkey after Thanksgiving because we wanted sandwich turkey. It said to stuff between the skin and meat with a parsley mixture. I think it was too much parsley. We still refer to it as the lawn turkey. It tasted like licking the grass outside.
  • I feel like my disasters always make a ton of food which is unfortunate :( My last fail was a vegan chickpea casserole with broccoli. It was awful.
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  • Everyone has major fails from time to time!  Don't let it get you down. 

    I started reading ALL the reviews for each recipe I select on allrecipes, and I feel like that has cut down on my major fails.

    The worst fail?  Crock pot chicken and dumplings.  The "dumplings" were straight dough.  It was absolutely inedible and sick.

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  • I tried a new pumpkin dip for my Halloween party.  It was horrible.  It wasn't really pumpkinny and tasted awful.  I set it out anyway, but everyone agreed that it was not very good.  I'll be tossing it.

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  • I made these no bake fudge brownies last night from Martha Stewart only to realize as I boxed them up to take to a friend I forgot to mix in the powdered sugar--they are like truffles with bittersweet chocolate now
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  • ::raises hand::

    I was making a vat of mac n cheese last December for a family Christmas party I was hosting.  It was Martha so it was very involved and I had the bechemel sauce simmering (with like cups and cups of milk and cream and cheese) and I added in SUGAR instead of salt.  Like, a lot of sugar. 

    I started bawling.  DH told me to go with it "no one would know".  I mean, who doesn't like sweet mac n cheese?

    Out to the store he went for milk, cheese, etc etc.  and I had to start all over.

  • Another one from this weekend - I spent a couple of hours cutting up chicken and wrapping it in bacon to make Paula Deen's sweet chicken bites.  I put the cover over the container and went to bed...  With the chicken and bacon out on the counter over night.  I was too afraid to make anyone sick, so I through the whole thing out and started over.

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