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color Nook coming out

So of course in Sept I bought DH the Nook and he loves it but now i see a color one is coming out. Do you think they ever have like trade in upgrades or do these ebook companies not do that.

Also what is the advantage to the color other than if you are using it for school text books?


Re: color Nook coming out

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    Honestly, I think it's a step backwards.  My understanding is that it's an LCD screen, meaning that you'll get eyestrain reading books on it the same way you would if you were reading on a computer or iPad.  It looks like B&N is more interested in competing with Apple than with Kindle or Sony given this development. 
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  • It depends on what you want to use the Nook for. For strictly reading, I would prefer to read on the e-ink. I was waiting for the new announcement to decide whether to buy the classic or the new Nook. I'm going with the classic.

    I'd recommend checking out the forums on there have been several threads on the new Nook and also the debate on reading LCD vs. e-ink.

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  • image Labbie:

    It depends on what you want to use the Nook for. For strictly reading, I would prefer to read on the e-ink.

    Yes. Because the Nook Color is all touch screen, I can see how it would be better for students; highlighting and notetaking on my regular Nook is a P-A-I-N. A single finger swipe to highlight and then a bigger keyboard with which to type notes would make that so much easier.

    But for regular ol' reading, I think the classic Nook is definitely the way to go.

  • DH is getting me a Nook for Christmas, and asked if I'd prefer the color one when he saw it was coming out.  I think I'm going to stick the the b&w 3G. 

    1.  I want to be able to download books without finding a wi-fi signal- I travel a lot and it's not always that easy to find one. 

    2.  I have a netbook for light computer stuff, I want an eReader for READING, and I doubt the color LCD screen is going to be good for that. 

    3.  While the children's picture book functions look pretty cool, this is going to be my toy, not DD's, and I'm not sure I like the idea of her learning to read with a computer rather than with me reading real books with her. 

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