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Home Inspections

Who had bad things come back on a home inspection? Did you walk away, have the sellers fix or get money to fix yourself?

We had our inspection and it turns out there is some mold in the attic because the bathroom vent is not working properly. There is a vent, but it is either broken or blocked. Such an annoying headache and another thing to worry about.... :(   I'm talking to the lawyer tomorrow to figure out our options. 

Re: Home Inspections

  • Better to find out now then you have to deal with what I had to deal with the last few weeks. Apparently the person who inspected my house before I bought it missed ALOT of things unknown to me. We have been in our house for 4 yrs now, and our back door frame started leaking. Had someone to come and look at it turns out we had mold and mildew in our walls and were told whoever inspected our house didnt notice we had the wrong rain gutters and others things that caused water to leak into the walls of the back of our house.
  • We were set to buy a house when the home inspection came up with a couple of major issues (including the roof and furnace). We asked them to make the repairs. When they wouldn't, we walked away. The only loss we had from it was the $300 we paid for the inspection.
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  • We had a number of issues come up during our home inspection - 2 leaks in the roof, HVAC not properly cooling, broken window, control panel on oven dead and failed radon inspection.  There were some minor issues as well, which we didn't insist on being fixed (a couple of outlets not grounded).

    They had someone come in an fix the HVAC, broken window and oven.  They also had someone install a radon mitigation fan and then retest to confirm that it was working.

    I had the sense that they had tried to fix the roof before without any success because they didn't want to have the deal hinge on it being fixed.  So we agreed to an amount and they gave us a credit at closing (actually, they paid for our title insurance).  We negotiated the amount.


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