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AF like cramps are normal, no?

I am so early on, I wouldn't think my uterus would be "making room", but I've been having AF like cramps off an on for the past few days.  No spotting or anything.
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Re: AF like cramps are normal, no?

  • Yes, cramps can be totally normal.  As long as no spotting - it should be fine.
  • yep - normal.
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  • Yep, normal.  That's actually the first "symptom" for a lot of women- AF cramps long before you should be having them.  Mine were pretty rough until about 6 weeks.
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  • Yep, I had pretty bad and oftentimes fairly constant AF-like cramps until a few days ago (and who says that was the end of them!). It definitely freaked me out at first. 


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  • Yep, normal.  I still get them sporadically (I'm 6w4d).
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