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SC Girls - Chik-fil-a

...opens TOMORROW!  :)

The photographer from my wedding is doing the whole camp out for 24 hours thing for a year of free chik-fil-a.  It's so interesting to see his updates on FB. 

Re: SC Girls - Chik-fil-a

  • Enjoy it, I love Chik-fil-a.
    My sweet boy
  • I've never been to one, but it sort of makes me want to try it this weekend....
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  • I'm excited.  We're headed out of town for awhile, so hopefully that means it won't be too busy when we finally get to go.  And one of our friend's daughters is going to be working there.   Defintely a step up for her from KFC!
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  • image bonjourbelle05:
    I've never been to one, but it sort of makes me want to try it this weekend....

    I would highly suggest waiting a few weeks...it's going to be packed!  Also, FYI, they are closed on Sundays.

  • Honest question bc I've never eaten there...how is it different from any other fast food restaurant? Do they use better quality ingredients? Is the meat organic? Does the food taste better? How do they differentiate themselves?
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  • I double-heart Chik-fil-a! I'm so excited we are getting one. I heard about the camping but didn't get to see it. 

    I think its better than a lot of fast-food places and IMO better quality ingredients. Its always fresh, I don't think its organic though. They only serve chicken, no burgers. Also every one I've ever been in had always been super clean. --Hope that helps

    Now if we would just get a Sonic here too--I would love to get my diet cherry limeade anytime I want.  

  • I agree that it is better quality than most fast food. They are also community minded. They do events throughout the month and often time the proceeds or a portion of them go to some cause within that particular community. They are family friendly and often have fun things for the kiddos.
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