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Seriously, H? (vent)

It seems he spilled Guiness on our tan carpet last night. And rather than cleaning it himself, or even asking me to help, he covered it with a towel & just hoped I wouldn't notice. Seriously?! And when I said we needed to clean it up so it didn't stain, HE got mad at ME. I don't think so, buddy. Methinks it's going to be a long day.

Re: Seriously, H? (vent)

  • oh boy.  Sometimes hubbies are just, know ;)

    Is it bad that when reading your post I started thinking about Adam Sandler in Big Daddy, when he starts laying newspaper down all over the house like the kid is a puppy? 

  • I wouldn't tolerate that type of tactic from my 22 month old, and I don't think even she would try that, so methinks your DH needs to change his tune, quickly.
  • I feel your pain.  My DH has done that with fruit punch and beer as well.  I'm not sure why he thinks a towel or a few measily paper towels will absorb red dye out of the cream carpet (hence why the stain is still faintly there almsot a year later).  Men!

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  • Thankfully that attitude didn't last. He took a nap - that helped. I swear, sometimes I think I married a child. It's a good thing he's cute. ;)
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