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aloha nesties

Following Hannah's lead -- I thought I would say hi!!  I've been stalking the board for a few weeks now and thought this was as good a time as ever to say hi!!

I can't believe that it's been almost a year since we got married (11/22/2009).  We were back in Hawaii in September with a big group of friends, this time to Maui!  My cousin just got engaged, and now he and his fiancee are thinking of planning a Hawaiian wedding.  Is it horrible that I want to plan it for them... I loved my experience so much  :o)

No babies for us... we thought that after a year of being married we would start trying, but  now that seems way too soon.  Maybe another six months.  The only other big thing going on in our world is that my hubby was officially diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about four months after our wedding.  Its been a journey, but ultimately brought us so much closer!!

Thank you girls all so much for all your support during the wedding!!  Its been fun watching little tidbits of your lives unfold on this board!!

lots of love    xoxoxo

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Re: aloha nesties

  • sorry for the duplicate post.... it didn't appear that the first one went through.  Then magically it appeared!!  Oops!!!
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  • Hey Leah! Good to see a fellow November bride here...I remember there were a ton of us on TK getting married last November. Time really does fly! I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's diagnosis, although its manageable it's definitely still tough. As for babies, we are the same as you...seems like everyone around us is having them, but we aren't quite ready yet. We are also thinking maybe sometime in 2011! Hope you stick around the boards!
  • Hi Leah!  It's always nice to see my fellow knotties here!
  • hii fellow november bride :) can you believe it'll be a year since?? i still can't believe it. Sorry to hear about your hubby...but that's what you're there for...to get him through the tough times...just like they say "for better or for worse" ;) 

    have a great time in Maui..I'm not sure if you've ever been, but it is really amazing..

    glad to see you on here!

  • whoops...i read that wrong...you were already in Maui! lol

    well, it's great nonetheless ;) I'm tired...it's Monday 

  • Welcome to the board!  Cute siggy :)
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  • Happy Advanced One Year Anniversary!!!  (from a fellow Nov '09 bride)  This year really has flown by.

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis, but it sounds like you're taking really good care of him.  This is something that will definitely make you appreciate each other that much more, and bring you closer together.  

    I don't know if I've ever gotten to tell you how much I loved your wedding dress :)  You looked amazing!

  • Hello, other Leah....welcome!  Stick out tongue
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  • Hey Leah!

    I have a few friends with type one (and a few with type two); so I can empathize! It's hard, but thank god we live now when treatment is possible!

    I totally hear you about the wedding planning in Hawaii! My cousin is getting married this summer and had considered getting married on Kauai for a little while. I was in heaven! Now she's doing it on a tiny island off of Vancouver island... so it's still an island in the Pacific, just not the right one!

  • So happy to see so many familiar faces and meet some new people!!!  YAYY!!! 
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  • Hi! I remember you from TK long ago =P welcome to the board! I love ur siggy pic and your blog design is so cute! Sorry to hear about YH's diabetes but I'm sure he's thankful that you're there for him through it all. Ditto on the pp about your dress! Its gorgeous on you!
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  • Welcome! I love seeing familiar faces! After getting married and leaving TK I tried to join up on my local board in MN but everything was so different and it never felt like home. So just recently I started posting here too after being married for 7 months. It's great to have you here...!
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