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soooooo because i'm turning into an old crypt creeper - i have to get an MRI on my elbow.

and the dr actually said, if you have a history of anxiety i can give you a script for Valium.  

and i was - its just 30 minutes in a tube right? i think i'm good. 

why the freak out party? 


  • my mom freaked out in an open mri, but i think she is looney. p however fell asleep because he like the dark cold tube. 
  • I had to get an MRI on my back earlier this year and was not a fan. I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time, because when I tried to open them I got all sorts of claustrophobic. And I've never had anxiety issues. Bottom line: keep your eyes closed and you'll probably be okay. Oh, and it's LOUD. I wasn't prepared for that.
  • My dad had a 30 minute MRI of his forearm.  The position they had him lay in was teribbly uncomfortable (on his belly with his arms above his head) he said.

    It turned into a 90 minutes MRI.


  • he said bring an eye mask and ear phones. i think i may get a book on tape.
  • I hear some places give you headphones and ask you if there is a particular radio station you would like to listen to.
  • I've had a few done and I didn't have any issues, but I could see how some people could get freaked out because it's really tight.  They give you headphones but the knocking from the machine is still pretty loud. 

    Just close your eyes and rest.


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  • MRI expert here!  I've had 10 of them on my brain and it takes about 45 minutes for me.  I'm an old pro at it now, but I was very nervous before of my first one.  My husband helped alleviate my anxiety by explaining...they make MRI machines one-size-fits-all. He used to be about 100 lbs heaver than me (and he's taller) and we said, if he could fit in the MRI tube without freaking out, I should be ok. 

    Unless the MRI place offers you music through their own headphone system, you cannot bring in any of your own electronics. Also, the MRI tech needs to be able to communicate with you from outside the room. You will have earplugs, too, but they aren't that noise-deafening; it's an OSHA requirement because there is a ton of noise that comes from the scans--lots of banging and clicking.

    You are also given a little "stress ball" type item to hold; if you get anxious or feel like you are going to freak out, squeeze the little ball and it alerts the MRI tech.  My biggest fear is sneezing during the scan b/c you have to stay still in the same position during the entire time.

    They will not run the risk of having any metal in the room. I've gone so far as to not wear a bra that day and wear a tank-top instead; no-go, I had to still take it off.  

    Good luck. It's no big deal. After having so many of them, I actually find them somewhat relaxing. It gives me 45 minutes to just sit still--really still--with my thoughts.  

  • I've had a bunch for my back and they're not my favorite.  It's mainly like everyone said - it's tight and if you're claustrophobic it's rough.  It's really loud and they usually put their headphones on you.  One place let me bring my own CD that they put on for me.  They have given me a little clicker to press if I get too freaked out and they'll come and get me.

    You can't move while they are doing the images and I don't know if it's just me but whenever they say don't move I inevitably get an itch. 

    Wear a sports bra, no wire.

    PS. My DH is a mechanic and they won't even let him in the room with me.  They said that since mechanics can frequently have microscopic metal shards in their eyes they are not allowed in the room because the magnets are that strong.  Not sure what would happen if he really needed an MRI?  

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  • i think i'll be ok. 

    do they talk to you? i would like them to tell me a story. :)  

  • They will talk to you a few times; just to let you know how much longer it will be or if the noises will change. It goes from loud banging to beeps sometimes, in order to get a different view of the scan location.

    I wish they would be able to give pedicures while I'm in feet are always sticking out of the tube and I am staring at my toes for 45 min from the little mirror they have placed above my head.

  • that's funny - i was thinking if they could mix massage in while i was in there i would totally be able to veg.
  • I'm getting one done tonight on my knee ironically, so I can report back tomorrow.. I am going to an "open MRI" center on purpose because I tend to get anxious/claustrophobic and know I would probably freak in a closed MRI.  I'll let you know how the open one is.  I have a hard time sitting still in general, so knowing me they are going to have to reset the damn thing a billion times because I'll move.
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