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Camera hunting -- Help!

OK, you all know a lot about cameras, so hopefully you can help! I really really really want a DSLR...

I've it down to a Nikon DSLR, but other then the price, I am having trouble seeing the difference between Nikon's D90, D5000 and new D3100.
Well, the D3100 has a higher megapixel (14 vs 12.3 on the other two), and there's slight differences in frames per second, but beyond that, I'm really at a loss to determine which one I want! Help!
I thought I wanted the D90... But the D5000 and D3100 are less expensive. So if I get the D90, I'm trying to figure out what my extra $$ is paying for?
(I don't think the D40 or D60 are available anymore...)
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Re: Camera hunting -- Help!

  • We have the Nikon D5000 and so far I loooove it :)  Although I'm not great at taking pictures yet, I know it's a camera I can grow into as I start learning more.  I have noticed though that I do not like the kit lens and I really want to get a better lens, but that will come in time when I start fiddling with things more.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing what you end up gettting, DSLR's are so much fun! :)

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  • The D5000 is cheaper than the D90 because it doesn't have the autofocus motor built into the camera's body so if you want different lenses, they will be pricier because the lenses you buy will need to have the autofocus feature in the lens (AF-S).  This may or may not matter to you if you plan to only use the kit lens (the lens the camera comes with).  I believe the D90 also has a lot more focus points than the D5000.
  • Oh I am so happy you posted this! I just asked a similar question on facebook not too long ago. I can't WAIT to get a DSLR but don't know what I am doing when researching them.
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