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I have been lurking on other boards and it is amazing how snarky they are.  whatever happened to "if you have nothing to say, don't say anything at all" ?  It wasn't toward anything I posted, you all know I hardly post.  But WOW, 3 page *** session all because someone shared that she thought she felt her baby move at 13 weeks.  I would much rather not get any comments at all then have people replying with imature comments.  Makes me appreciate the Hawaii board all that more.... :) 

Re: Other Boards

  • hear hear!!   some of the knot boards were crazy too!  Didn't they even have a board called "snarky brides"?

    love you guys....  i want to get my nails done by you when I go to Hawaii!


    : ) jen




  • Yeah, they are pretty bad.  Even sometimes on my Bump month board it can get pretty snarky so I limit my posts greatly!  Anytime I have a question, I feel way more comfortable asking you ladies.  Even when I think the question may be dumb, I know you guys won't knock me down with nasty words for just askin'.
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  • thanks Jen :) anytime your in hawaii, let me know and we can set something up :)  It would be a blast :)
  • I'm gonna snark myself :)  "if you have nothing NICE to say, say nothing at all"  Thank goodness I didn't post that on the other board or for sure I would have been stomped on.  Geesh....I'ven been swimming in the beer a little too much these days I think :)

  • I totally agree.  It can be so clique-y, too.  There is one I frequently lurk for information, but hardly ever post.  There was one Nestie on there who was labeled a troll, but now it looks like she's been "accepted".  Confused
  • It interesting to see the different personalities of every board. I absolutely LOVED the Hawaii Nest board and since getting married I thought I would try out some different boards, such as my own location. Unfortunately but fortunately, it's just not me and have recently tried to come back to my surrogate "Hawaiian" home. I just hope life will grant me some more time to devote to it so I can reconnect with y'all!
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