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Who felt the earthquake??

I was in bed and it woke me up.  My first thought was that it was an earthquake but I was half asleep and figured it was probably just the dog rubbing against the bed but then I realized the dog was still sleeping.  No damage or anything but I'm curious to see if we have any aftershocks.



Re: Who felt the earthquake??

  • I didn't feel it, but I heard it.  I get up at 5AM during the week, so I was getting ready for work.  At first, I thought it was my cats playing upstairs; once I realized they were just outside the bathroom I assumed it was my neighbor doing something (the right side of our townhouse connects to his).  Only when I turned the news on while eating my cereal did I realize it was an earthquake.

    Thankfully we didn't get any damage here, and I hope everyone who lives at/near the epicenter of the earthquake is OK!

  • Did not feel it at all.  I hope everyone is ok.
  • I felt it.  I was awake at about 4:30 (I don't sleep well), but went back to sleep and then the earthquake woke me up again.  I had the same reaction you did, I thought my cats were shaking the bed.  Then I thought it was an earthquake but was sort of in denial until I turned on the news.  I have a bunch of wine glasses hanging from shelves on the wall in my dinging room, and I am really surprised that they didn't break.
  • We were sleeping, woke up for some "unknown" reason, to have a big gush of wind come through the bedroom window then I felt the shaking. Thought it was a tornado, but told dh it scared me to death. Didn't find out it was an earthquake until I signed on yahoo and talked to my mother in law.
  • Yes I felt it but at first didn't know what it was. Trooper will sometimes shake the bed but when I woke up I heard the windows and pictures moving. I put him hand on DH stomach and he was like what I was like what's happening he said is it trooper i was like ummm NO. Went back to sleep.


  • if it weren't for my DH, i would have slept thru it.  he woke me up w/ "what's that shaking?"  i felt the bed vibrate, thought it was him being in some dream stupor and went back to sleep.  not until this morning did i realize he wasn't wacko.
  • I just felt an aftershock and verified it on the USGS web site.  Check it out.  It's pretty cool.



  • I felt it too!  One of my bosses was in the doorway and I aksed if he felt shaking but he didn't... then a co-worker came in and asked if we felt the aftershock.
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