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hi ladies!

long time no nest!

how is everyone doing?  haven't had a chance to check in on the board in a while, but have been keeping up with some of you via Facebook.  so many exciting things going on!  babies, cool vacations, new jobs (ok, mostly babies)

things are good with us - I'm still busy and often stressed with work, Tim is commuting to Cambridge, Bea is still very cute and happy and we all love our new neighborhood. 

no bebbehs yet but there is talk of bebbehs in the near-er future... just not sure how it will work with Tim in Boston half the time but we'll see how things go....I am torn because I am feeling that maternal urge every time I see a pregnant woman, baby or child, but I am also not sure how baby fits in with ambitious career hopes just now.  anyway, just taking it one day at a time!

i do have a question for all of your knowledgable ladies - I need to buy a wedding present for a friend who grew up with me in Hawaii but now lives in the Netherlands.  Something Hawaiian, but that can be purchased online and easily shipped overseas...any websites you'd recommend?

Re: hi ladies!

  • also, I totally need a new signature picture!
  • ::waves::

    Hi Anna! I've got no advice... But I will say every time I see something Bansky, I think of you!

  • Hi Anna!  How about some type of Hawaiian quilt?  I almost bought something from this ebay seller as a gift for a friend, but I dropped the ball and procrastinated.  Stick out tongue  So I've never seen their stuff in person, but they have good feedback and ship worldwide.  They are located on-island in Aiea.
  • Hello! I have no suggestions for the gift... just wanted to say hi.

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  • Hi Anna!  No gift suggestion from me either, but the quilt Nicole suggested sounds lovely!  Smile


  • I have no suggestions, but HIIIIIII ANNA! Smooches to Bea for me. Big Smile
  • [waves hello]

    I also have no gift advice, but I wanted to say hi to you!  I know what you mean about feeling maternal urges but not being sure how they fit into your life... every once in a while I get hit with a case of baby rabies, but with a possible new job coming up that'll demand a lot of time, AND trying to go back to school next year, I don't know how we could make it all work.  I guess when you're ready, you just have to take that leap and let life take care of the rest! :)

  • hello!!!  <waves excitedly>  no gift ideas here either, just wanted to say hi!  Sounds like Tim's job is working out, and from your FB updates, looks like you've been busy and enjoying your job too!  I'm so glad things are going well for you Big Smile
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  • Hi!! It's great to see you back again! And glad things are going well =) I like Nicole's idea about the quilt!
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  • Aloha!  It's great to hear from you. 

    The quilt sounds like a great idea!  I did something similar for a friend for a baby gift who lived on the Mainland.  I sent her a Hawaiian baby quilt set.  She adored it! 


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