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Very Sad....

I resigned from my board position/coaching position with AYSO Soccer.   I was being constantly bullied by other board members (all older men) and finally decided I could not handle it any longer.  I am really sad about it, but know it was a necessary decision.  Anyone ever had to make a choice like this?  Words of wisdom?


Re: Very Sad....

  • As someone who played AYSO, I am sad for you - all my coaches were old men -

    I think you did the right thing though, it is unhealthy to be in a position where you are constantly being bullied.  Maybe try and spend some of your new spare time with family/friends or pursuing another interest...

  • I am sorry to hear that.  I was once teaching in a school where I was not getting along with the parents and the administrator.  I also felt like I was getting bullied.  I made the choice to leave.  Looking back at it now, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

    If you are getting stress through your hobby, then it isn't worth it.  Are there other organizations that you can coach for?

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  • I had to leave my last job because of bullying.  The bully was my 50-ish female boss.  I still cringe when I think that I hung around that job for as long as I did.

    It was a hard decision to make.  On one hand, I loved my job.  But the bullying was affecting other areas of my life.  I was always moody and because I was bullied, I was in turn being nasty to DH.  

    Immediately after I resigned and left, I bawled my eyes out because I felt like I made the wrong decision.  But after that, I felt good about what I did.

     It will take some time to get over it, but just know that you made that decision for yourself, and that's what matters.

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  • I feel like you were wise to have that self-respect for yourself.  I would want to try and write a letter to someone with authority tho, and let them know why I left if it were me.  I like to make sure that issues like this addressed, and people get called out on their bad behavior.

    It's a shame those kids are missing out on a female influence in the sports world.  Old men are overrated! :-)  

  • Thanks Ladies...

    Branz7- I agree and I am in the process of writing to the National board. Thanks again for everyones support.



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