August 2010 Weddings
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Hello!  I must admit, I lurked for almost an entire year and never commented once on the knot, so I feel like I know some of y'all but you don't know me! :)  This is mostly because I made my screenname my full name and just found out there is no way to change it so I created a new account.

Anyway, my wonderful DH and I got engaged last Thanksgiving, married the 21st of August and are just living the newlywed life!  I'm at work and don't have any pics to add, but you can check out our photog's blog to see some pics of our big day and at least put a face with the name!  Their site is and we're Emily & Alex! 

 I'm excited to finally participate with my fellow 2010 August brides and I agree with PP below, we are the month with everlasting love! :)

Re: Introduction!

  • Welcome!!  And I love your dress.  :)

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  • Thank you and Thank you! 
  • Hello!  You are my date twin!  What a great day!  Love your photos!
  • Aw, you should have joined us while we were on The Knot; we don't bite! 

    You gotta tell us about yourself:

     Favorite color?


    Favorite memory of your wedding?

    Are kids a yes or no?

    What are you looking forward to most in the first year of marriage?

    Do the creep.
  • Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful wedding!!!
  • Love your shoes! :-) Welcome to our board!
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  • Awe, you are all so very sweet!  Like I said I didn't join because A. my screenname was my full name and B. I was trying to avoid being stressed and I thought if I got too involved with the boards by writiting, it would just add stress!  Also, I didn't do any DIYs or anything I just let the skyline be the focus and went minimal on flowers, centerpieces etc. and got my dress "off the rack" at Nordstrom for less than my high school prom dress with no alterations needed!  Felt like I didn't have much exciting to tell :)

     I don't remember all the questions you asked and don't know how to see that screen from there (still learning).  But my favorite color is green, my husband is a firefighter and I'm in banking.  He will be 32 on Saturday and I'm 25.  Kids are a definitie yes, since the honeymoon we have been "not not trying" but will be TTC in the spring!  We bought our first home in April in Atlanta and have two furry children (both lab mix rescues)!

    Thanks for being so welcoming!

  • Oh yea and my favorite wedding memory would be the rainbow that appeared behind the priest as we were exchanging our rings during our rooftop ceremony, it was magical!  Especially since I walked down the aisle to the Hawaiin sounding version of "Somewhere over the rainbow."

    I'm looking forward to no more wedding planning and just enjoying being married!  We have nine weddings on the books for our first year of marriage so that will be a lot of our weekend plans! 

  • I wanted to say hi too!!!  I'm always the last one to post these days :-/  Slackin'.
  • Welcome! Glad you came out of lurking:)
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  • Welcome!  Your wedding was just beautiful, thanks for sharing and joining us!
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