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Home-owning, DIY Mavens...eye candy inside

Hi ladies,

I came across this blog post today and thought of all of you lovely ladies here that are decorating and renovating your own little corners of the world:


Love it! That said, it's SO obvious that these folks don't have kiddos...or pets! I think I'll be living in slip covered rooms for at least the next 20 years! LOL!

Here's more on their awesome, $1207 kitchen remodel:


Re: Home-owning, DIY Mavens...eye candy inside

  • Funny that you mentioned this because I JUST got done looking at the YHL blog. The couple that they "featured" has an adorable place but for me, it's WAY to much white which leaves me thinking cold hotel, not warm fuzzy homey feeling. I like my house to feel warm and welcoming. I do love the white comforter with all the bright accent throw pillows but seriously, I have a kid and a dog, that's SUPER unrealistic for people with one or both of those :) 

    We're still trying to figure out what to do with our bedroom. It's the only room in the house that we have done absolutely nothing to. I still want a bohemian, morroccan type feel but can't find anything that I'm in love with. Of course, I keep seeing Anthropologie bedding that I adore and the price tag is $$$, not what I'm willing to spend!  

  • I used to read YHL all the time...then it got to the point where like every third post is a shout out to their sponsors - which I totally understand since they make their living from their blog, but it still annoyed me - and where they weren't really renovating any more, just decorating. I haven't checked their blog in a few months, but they lost me after they did several "5 ways to decorate your end table!" type posts in a row, and that's when I realized I was bored lol. But that's just because I'm more interested in watching large scale projects and transformations, not so much rearranging decor elements.

    I don't know if you read the rest of their blog, but their home is really similar stylistically to the featured couple (your first link) and I seriously wonder how they're going to keep up their cream and white aesthetic with a baby in the house - not criticizing them at all because I think they have good taste, but I wonder if they're going to have a heart attack the first time their toddler drags mud through the house. Stick out tongue

    All of that said, I think their older entries - especially the before and after and DIY info posts - are nice to go back and look at.

    ETA: I see that they're selling their current house now and looking for another fixer-upper. In that case, I might start reading again when they start renovating the new place...if there are fewer sponsor posts, anyway. And I think it would be cool if they did a few practical "this is how we plan to keep our white house clean with a baby" posts. Big Smile

  • Thanks so much for sharing this site!  I've never seen this blog before.  I do like what I've seen.  Their renovations were great. But I agree w/ the other ladies; probably not baby or pet proof. 
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