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*vent in*

I have a friend who is always buying the same things that I have or want. Just a couple of weeks ago we met for lunch, and I told her that I have been wanting these dk brown UGGs. Today, I found out that she bought the UGGs I wanted, and also bought the same exact purse that I purchased a month ago!

I know its not THAT big of a deal and I'm sounding kinda materialistic. But c'mon! Gah.

*vent out*

Re: Grrr...

  • ugh. didn't ericka have a friend who kept doing this too?  one of my friends dressed like me in high school - there's a photo of us wearing the same outfit one day.  sigh.  she stopped after a while, thankfully...

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but still Stick out tongue  sorry.  

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  • Kinda annoying, yeah.  Especially if it's something you plan to get and she gets it first! 

    I'm in the opposite boat - my friends are trying to get me to get the things they want!  Like the Chanel wallet on a chain - for $1250!  And of course now I'm really lusting after it.  But I cannot imagine spending that much money on something, unless it's a new lens!

  • Heh, my friend's BF did that to me. I told them that I found the PERFECT snowboard for me but it was $500 but I was thrilled that I saw it at a store that was going out of business soon so I was gonna wait until it was discounted to get it...and he goes and buys it the next day. I was like WHAT?!?
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