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Anybody eat tofu?

DH and I have been wanting to try tofu for a long time now, but we are afraid that we will make it wrong and not like it. 

Any advice on the firmness or tofu?  Or any recipes?



Re: Anybody eat tofu?

  • I eat it and love it, but I have never made it.  It is not very firm, and tends to take on the taste of what it is cooked with.  It is very versatile!
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  • So if I chop it up and put it in spaghetti it will taste like that??
  • I use it in smoothies for protein. 

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  • I'm only a fan of super extra firm tofu.  I just don't like the texture of it when it's soft.  Blech. 

    That being said, I've never prepared it myself.  Only had it at restaurants... I like it when it's in soup, or stir fry.  

    Overall, I try to limit my soy intake, so tofu is not a routine staple of my diet.   

  • I eat tofu, but only buy and cook the extra firm when I do. My fav thing to make is stirfry with it- add some button mushrooms, scallions, and any other veggie you like. YUM!
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  • image xxSOMMERxx:
    So if I chop it up and put it in spaghetti it will taste like that??

    I have never had it in spaghetti, but I would guess that it would blend in with the taste.  More likely though it would absorb the sauce and take on the taste of that.  

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  • I do sometimes.  Like everyone said it takes on the taste of whatever you cook it with.  I've prepared it with hamburger or tuna helper and just replaced the burger/tuna with the tofu and it's worked fine.

    Like Jaye, though , I only prefer the more solid tofu.  The soft stuff... I just can't handle the texture!

  • I'm with all the other posts, I like it but I dunno how to cook it.  No comments about how I don't cook anything :P pppbbbbbbbt!
  • I wish I could find my favorite recipe on the web, but I can't remember what mag it came out of. I like to marinate my extra firm tofu that I have cubed in an Asian dressing (a combo of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, seasme oil, ginger, and garlic) and then bake it off.  I think this makes it even more firm :)

    Then I let people add however many cube of tofu they are comfortable with into a cabbage salad that also has carrots, bell pepper, and green onions and the same dressing as above.




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